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Archive Staff & Patient Safety Guide 2014

How Dangerous Is Surgical Smoke?
The foul-smelling plume can cause long-term harm to staff and surgeons.

How Much Do You Know About Hypothermia?
The risks go well beyond low scores on patient satisfaction surveys.

Medication Management Essentials
Time to brush up on proper labeling, administration and dosing practices.

Are You Prepared for an MH Emergency?
Preparation is key to managing the deadly disorder.

Steer Clear of Wrong-Site Surgery
These kinds of mistakes are called never events because they never should happen to anyone, but they do happen.

Getting to the Point of Sharps Safety
Know the facts and protect your staff.

Stay On Your Toes
Prevent slips, trips and falls in the surgical workplace.

Pump Up Your Pain Pump Knowledge
How much do you know about the potential for post-op complications?

Imaging's Invisible Dangers
Prolonged radiation exposure can cause lasting effects.

No Objects Left Behind
If preventing retained foreign objects is such a high priority, why is it still being reported as a common sentinel event?

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