Archive Spinal Surgery Guide 2007

Welcome to the Spine Surgery Revolution
Minimally invasive techniques and skilled surgeons are forging a new industry.

Spine Surgery's Essential Equipment
Here are the instruments and equipment needed to establish this growing specialty.

The Cure for Degenerative Disks
Minimally invasive techniques bring spinal disk disorder procedures to outpatient centers.

Your Guide to Spinal Fusion
This traditionally inpatient reconstructive procedure is transitioning to the outpatient arena.

The Basics of Spine Pain Intervention
Effective patient relief depends on your method, your team and your standards.

Healing Herniated Disks
Three approaches make the repair of ruptured disks viable in the outpatient setting.

Cracking Spine's Codes
Submitting accurate claims will ensure you get paid all that you deserve.

Quick Fixes For Spinal Fractures
Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty are simple and rewarding procedures for surgeons skilled in injection techniques.

Spine's Imaging Potential
Minimally invasive techniques have raised the demand for quality imaging.

The Backbone of Outpatient Spine
A spine facility's administrator should set the tone for the safe and successful treatment.

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