Archive Overweight Patients Guide 2008

Treat Overweight Patients With Dignity and Respect
How to help your staff empathize with heavier patients who present for surgery.

11 Anesthesia Safeguards For the Obese
Plan ahead to improve your ability to meet the needs of this challenging patient population.

Help With Heavy Lifting
Specialized devices make moving overweight patients easier and safer for your staff.

The State of Bariatric Surgery
Bypass and banding are still the mainstays as the specialty begins to shift its focuses to the procedures' post-op metabolic benefits.

Shedding Their Skin
There's a wave building that's about to flood plastic surgery facilities: body contouring patients after massive weight loss.

Your Heavyweight Table Options
High weight capacity is a must-have feature of today's operating room tables.

The Cure for Sleep Apnea
A three-step, minimally invasive approach treats all potential airway obstructions instead of focusing on just one.

The Danger of Deep Vein Thrombosis
This circulatory complication could put your patients at a silent risk.

Managing The Difficult Airway
Taking precautions and understanding the latest tools and techniques can prevent problems.

The Not-so-little Touches
Specialized equipment will keep overweight patients safe and comfortable when in your care.

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