Archive Orthopedic Surgery Guide 2019

On Point: Surgery's Trendsetting Specialty
Orthopedics continues to drive innovation in outpatient care.

Set Up for Success in Total Knees
Staff and surgeons at the St. Cloud (Minn.) Surgical Center tap into technology and teamwork to achieve excellent outcomes.

Anesthesia's Role in Total Joints Advancement
Optimized pre-procedure care, efficiency-minded sedation and masterful pain management prepare patients for speedy recoveries.

How We Achieve Zero Joint Infections
Our hip and knee replacement patients head home with healthy, healing scars.

Positioning Pointers From the Pros
Orthopedic surgeons offer their top tips for optimizing access during hip, knee and shoulder procedures.

Get On Board With Bundled Payments
You can deliver quality outcomes at lower costs - and profit, too - by managing every aspect of an episode of care.

Should You Be in the Business of Fixing Fractures?
Outpatient trauma care is a cost-effective and patient-satisfying option for repairing minor breaks.

There's a Smarter Way To Handle Fluid Waste
Closed systems take the risk, expense and frustration out of keeping OR floors dry.

What's New in Arthroscopic Visualization
Give your surgeons a crystal clear view of what's happening, when it's happening.

Fixing Stray Pets to Help Them Find Loving Homes
Q&A with John Keating, MD, SFOA, a "human" orthopedist with a heart for helping animals.

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