Archive Orthopedic Surgery Guide 2015

Inside Our Outpatient Total Joints Program
Sending patients home hours after knee or hip replacement is ortho's hottest trend.

4 Arthroscopy Game-Changers
From 4K to biologics, these advances are improving case efficiencies and surgical outcomes.

5 Essentials in Post-op Pain Management
Why you should ditch the opioids — and what to use instead.

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your C-Arm?
The newest units offer enhanced imaging, smaller footprints and minimal radiation exposure.

More Power to Them
Surgeons want high-end features in the tools of their trade.

Positioned for Success
Situating patients properly provides surgeons with the access they need to optimize outcomes.

Top-notch Tables
Specialty surfaces that ease patient positioning and intraoperative imaging open outpatient doors to complex cases.

It's Time for Personalized Tourniquet Systems
They deliver more efficient application of cuff pressure to the limb, letting you use lower and safer tourniquet pressures.

Breaking Stereotypes, Fixing Joints
Q&A with Karen Wu, MD, FAAOS, joint replacement specialist and advocate for gender diversity in orthopedics.

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