Archive Orthopedic Surgery Guide 2013

Regional's Role In Improved Ortho Outcomes
Look no further than nerve blocks for faster and safer recoveries.

How Do You Handle Fluid Waste?
Floors are a challenge to keep dry during ortho cases.

Ortho's Dynamic Dozen
12 innovations that make procedures safer and more efficient.

Buying Ortho Tables That Everybody Loves
Select the perfect workhorses for your orthopedic ORs.

The Case for Surgical Navigation
Computer-assisted cuts can lead to improved outcomes.

4 Keys to Safe Tourniquet Use
Bad things happen when you squeeze too tightly.

Scope Safely
Minimize the risks in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery.

Pick the Right Power Tools
Look for saws and drills that let surgeons work safely and efficiently.

ABC's of C-Arm Safety
10 Proven ways to shield your staff and patients from radiation exposure.

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