Archive Orthopedic Surgery Guide 2012

5 Benefits of Direct-to-Drain Fluid Management
Closed systems make ortho centers safer, faster and more cost-effective.

What Orthopods Want In Their Power Tools
Surgeons crave torque, speed and long-lasting batteries in their drills, saws and shavers.

Understanding Ultrasound
Answers to 5 common questions about the imaging technology that has revolutionized orthopedic surgery.

Selecting HD Imaging Equipment
High-definition is fast becoming the standard for orthopedic imaging, but are brilliant color resolution and brightness worth the investment?

What Can Your Table Do for You?
A look at the features that are improving the safety and efficiency of orthopedic surgery.

What to See in C-Arms
Consider these essential elements when upgrading your fluoroscopic imaging.

Youth ACL Repairs on The Rise
It's time to prepare your facility for the growing trend.

Give Your Staff a Break
Someone's got to look out for the nurses and techs who work in surgery's most demanding specialty.

Tourniquets Revolutionize Extremity Surgery
Working in a bloodless field, surgeons are able to perform complex procedures more efficiently.

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