Archive New Products for Surgery Guide 2009

Check out these innovative devices for improved anesthetic administration, airway management and patient warming.

Computer Software Solutions
These online management tools and tracking systems keep watch over instruments, supplies, patients and payments — even when you’re not.

Imaging Equipment
HD cameras and monitors, ultrasound scanners and image management software help improve the look of surgery.

Infection Control
Skin preps, gloves and sterilization indicators highlight your new options in the fight against SSIs.

Instruments and Implants
The latest scopes, devices and meshes for minimally invasive surgery.

The latest headlights, LEDs and versatile lighting options illuminate surgical fields for better, brighter views of the action.

Take a look at eye surgery’s new knives, instruments and microscopes with improved optics and more user-friendly controls.

Patient Handling and Transport
Devices that help move and position patients safely while sparing your staff’s backs.

From surgical site markers and time out reminders to smoke evacuators and automated sponge counting, these products protect staff and patients before, during and after surgery.

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