Archive The New ASC Payment System Guide 2008

Payment System Essentials
Inside the most extensive changes in payment for ambulatory surgery facility services since the inception of the Medicare program.

Which New Codes Are Worth It?
There are newly approved codes aplenty, but nearly half of them will be reimbursed at a reduced ASC rate.

Understanding Medicare's APC Rates
The familiar ASC groupers have been replaced. Here's what you need to know about the new billing structure.

The Orthopedic Option
Here's what you need to take advantage of this lucrative specialty.

Eyeing the Future of Ophthalmology
Consider adding retina and glaucoma to diversify your cataract service.

General Surgery's Promise
Lap chole is at long last approved. Adding it and other procedures to your case mix could result in added returns.

A Mixed Bag for Pain Management
Don't believe the doom and gloom about pain's future in ASCs. Dig deep and you'll find new opportunities.

Weathering the GI Storm
Creativity, strong management and attention to detail will make the difference in the tough times ahead.

Neuro's New Potential
CMS continues to adjust its spine reimbursements as procedures steadily migrate to ASCs.

Is Pay for Performance Next?
Medicare will likely extend its hospital reimbursement requirements to ASCs, requiring you to submit standardized quality data or face a reduction in reimbursement.

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