Archive Minimally Invasive Surgery Guide 2006

The Origins of Minimally Invasive Surgery
The key to the development of internal procedureswas internal vision.

Are Robots the Future of Laparoscopy?
With promises of improved precision, better ergonomics and the potential for expanding use, some surgeons are answering with a “yes.”

What's New in Minimally Invasive Instruments
More ergonomic tools, better visualization and easier entry and wound closure are among the trends.

Laparoscopic Suturing: Manual or Automatic?
Here's how to decide between tying with your hands or investing in a suturing device.

Get a Scope That Lasts
These three tips from trade professionals can help extend the life of your new scope.

Trends in Video Technology
Assessing clinical needs and learning industry standards make purchasing options more visible.

How to Start a Bariatric Program
You'll be met by the exuberance of patients willing to do anything to conquer their obesity and the reluctance of health plans willing to do anything to avoid having to cover the $25,000 average cost of surgery.

Preventing Laparoscopic ESU Burns
Smart, simple ways to protect you and your patients from ESU burns.

Tips for Keeping Laparoscopic Patients Comfortable
Here are the adjustments you can make before and during surgery to supplement your standard pain-control regimens.

Care and Handling of Minimally Invasive Instruments
There's more to keeping scopes and other tools in good working order than just thorough reprocessing.

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