Archive Megatrends Guide 2018

Adapt or Be Left Behind
Follow these 5 trends to prepare for surgery's exciting future.

Skyrocketing Demand For Outpatient Surgery
Focus on cost containment, convenience and clinical advancements to capitalize on the exponential growth of case volumes.

Are You Fully Invested in Patient Safety?
The movement toward value-based reimbursement makes positive outcomes more economically important than ever before.

Can We End Cross-Contamination?
Shoot for zero healthcare infections by focusing on these 3 overlooked sources of recontamination.

Rise of the Robot
Market competition and specialty-specific platforms will make robotic-assisted surgery commonplace.

What Will the Future Of Surgery Look Like?
Virtual and augmented reality promises to transform how surgery is planned, performed and promoted.

Can We Eliminate Post-Op Pain?
Tailoring analgesic efforts to individual patients and developing techniques and technologies hold promise for a less painful future.

Your Surgeons Won't Believe Their Eyes
Big screens and crystal clear, lifelike images will be mainstays in the operating room of the future.

It's Time to Get Excited About What's Next
Q&A with Thomas Frey, futurist and revolutionary thinker about tomorrow's possibilities.

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