Archive Hottest Trends Guide 2015

'Black Box' in Every OR
Surgery can take a lesson from aviation, says the surgeon who invented a device that records every step of surgery.

Seeing Is Believing
Brilliant high-def monitors and stunning 3D images are revolutionizing surgical video's eye-popping potential.

Ready for a Robot?
New technology is improving robotic surgery — although questions still linger about its use.

The Evolution of EMRs
Electronic documentation systems continue to imp-rove, offering advantages inside and outside the OR.

Colon Cancer Doesn't Stand a Chance
Improved optics and mechanical innovations are revolutionizing colonoscopy screenings.

The Very Real Benefits of Real-Time Imaging
Working with constantly updated pictures of anatomy allows for safer, more efficient surgery.

The Promise of Phaco-less Cataract Surgery
Femtosecond lasers continue to revolutionize the procedure's potential.

Let UV Light Shine
Small but mighty superbug-zapping robots that decontaminate the surfaces you missed are the newest craze in infection prevention.

The Melding of Health Care and Technology Is Inevitable
Q&A with Rafael Grossmann, MD, FACS, healthcare futurist and Google Glass Explorer.

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