Archive Hottest Technologies Guide 2010

12 Reasons to Embrace EMRs
Why our endoscopy center went digital 7 years ago - and never looked back.

Benchmarking Made Easy
Online services can guide you to practices that really work.

Why High-Def Matters
Sharper pictures and larger images can increase a surgeon's operating speed and confidence.

Ultrasound's Widespread Potential
Musculoskeletal docs and anesthesia providers are clamoring for the technology's higher resolution and increased portability.

Bright Idea: LED Lights for the OR
Better visualization, less heat and greater longevity are just some of the benefits LEDs have over incandescent bulbs.

Keeping Track to Stay on Track
Bar code and radiofrequency technologies can help manage staff, surgeries and supply budgets.

Solutions for the Prevention of Retained Sponges
New technology adds a whole new level of accuracy to sponge counts.

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