Archive Hot Technology Guide 2019

On Point: Stay Ahead of the Curve
Outpatient ORs are poised to set the standard for innovative surgical care.

Total Knees Go High-Tech
Robotics, custom implants and alignment tools are helping surgeons enhance joint function and improve long-term outcomes.

5 Key Advances in Anesthesia
The latest tools and techniques that enable safe and pain-free same-day discharge.

Adding On to Abdominal Surgery
Robots and interactive imaging technology are set to transform minimally invasive procedures.

Surgical Video's Next Big Things
Don't look now, but it might be time to start thinking about replacing your facility's 4K monitors.

New-School Thinking in Sterile Reprocessing
Interactive imaging and the return of ethylene oxide will shape the future care of contaminated instruments.

Boost Your Adenoma Detection Rates
The latest scope upgrades enhance views of the colon to highlight hard-to-spot growths.

The Perks of Paperless Preference Cards
Digital platforms take the stress out of knowing you'll have the supplies you need when and where you'll need them.

A Wide-Angle View of Today's Whole-Room Disinfection Systems
­Which automated surface-sterilizing technology best suits your needs?

Promote Perfect Attendance
Text message reminders and online patient registration portals can put an end to canceled cases.

Real-time OR Monitoring Leads to Better, Safer Surgery
QA with Teodor Grantcharov, MD, PhD, FACS, creator of surgery's 'black box' and believer that data doesn't lie.

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