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On Point
Give New Technologies a Chance

Stay in Constant Communication
Automated text messaging keeps patients engaged and satisfied with their care.

Surgery Never Looked So Good
The latest imaging upgrades will wow surgeons and allow for safer, more efficient care.

Advances in Image-Guided Sinus Surgery
Enhanced real-time imaging and improved instrumentation tracking let surgeons operate smarter and safer.

Rev Up Your Reprocessing Room
8 exciting high-tech advances on the horizon for your facility's instrument hub.

5 Difference-Making Tools for Total Joints
Investing in these innovations could push your program to the next level.

What's New in Anesthesia and Pain Control
The quest for speedier and safer fast-on, fast-off.

Colon Cancer Doesn't Stand a Chance
Endoscope advances and new diagnostic tools are helping physicians find difficult-to-spot polyps.

Building Trust Between Surgical Teams and Robots
Q&A with Joshua Tyler, MD, FACS, FASCRS

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