Archive Hot Technology Guide 2017

Welcome to Surgery's Inflection Point
Today's technological advancements are transforming surgical care.

The Promise of Robotic Joint Replacements
Precise cuts and implant placement could transform partial knees and total hips.

The Clear Choice in Surgical Video
Standard high-def is becoming passé as progressive facilities outfit their ORs with the latest in 4K imaging.

Don't Fear the Robot
A once-skeptical surgeon is now a solid supporter of using robotic arms to perform complex abdominal procedures.

A Smarter Approach To Post-Op Pain Management
The newest infusion pumps offer high-tech solutions to surgery's age-old problem.

Have You Checked Out EMRs Lately?
Today's systems are more useful — and more user-friendly — than ever.

Ready for Autonomous Surgical Robots?
Q&A with Peter C. Kim, MD, surgical innovator and developer of robotic surgery's next big thing.

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