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Are You Ready to Be Disrupted?
Technological advances are already reshaping the future of surgery.

The Robot Revolution Has Begun
Innovative new platforms could someday redefine minimally invasive surgery.

4K Lights Up the OR
Will dramatically sharper detail lead to safer surgeries and better outcomes?

How Much More Can EMRs Do for You?
If you're struggling to capitalize on the technology's promising potential, your colleagues might have the solutions you're looking for.

Is it Time to Add Laser Cataracts?
Bladeless surgery shows plenty of promise, but it might be years before the technology reaches its true potential.

Customize Your Knee Replacements
Implants that match a patient's joint alignment and orientation are better than off-the-shelf hardware.

Disinfect Whole Rooms at a Time
UV light and airborne solutions attack surfaces that manual cleaning might have missed.

Colonoscopy Upgrades Worth Considering
Imaging enhancements and endoscope advances aim to improve polyp detection rates.

3D C-arms Transform the OR
The benefits of capturing CT-like images during surgery.

Putting Surgeons in Touch With Minimally Invasive Surgery
Q&A with Allison Okamura, PhD, mechanical engineer and robotics researcher.

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