Archive Going Green Guide 2010

Is Your Equipment Running As Efficiently As You Are?
A guide to reducing your energy consumption while remaining on the cutting edge of technology.

6 Secrets to Sustainable Success
Follow this proven advice to grow your greening efforts.

Making the Case for Leaner, Greener Surgical Supplies
Reducing waste at the source is better for the environment and better for your bottom line.

Single Use, Multiple Benefits
Reprocessing SUDs balances waste reduction, cost savings and quality.

Planting the Seeds for Sustainable Suppliers
Convince vendors to green your purchasing and lessen the environmental impact of your facility.

How Green Is Refurbished Equipment?
5 things you should know about reused equipment and why it helps the environment.

Is Green Building the Future of Health Care?
Building or renovating to LEED certification standards puts you into an elite group with regard to environmental impact.

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