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A Green Guide for Green Administrators
Use the advice and insights on these pages to start greening now, before you fall behind the eco-friendly curve.

11 Bright Ideas to Turn Your ORs Green
Environmentally sound practices you can apply at your facility today.

Green with Envy
An eye-catching look at the potential of green certification for new construction.

Success on Green Mountain
8 steps a Vermont hospital took to become environmentally friendly.

The Options at Your Disposal
Practical ways to improve your waste management process.

Where to Spend Your Green Dollars
These products and practices will advance your going-green initiatives.

How Vendors Are Going Green
Medical suppliers and device makers are changing their ways in response to the healthcare industry's growing environmental awareness.

Are You Reprocessing Single-use Devices?
Once everyone's on board, the savings go on and on.

How Green Are EMRs?
A discussion about the environmental benefits and drawbacks of going paperless.

Avoid These Agents
Protecting the environment and your staff is a matter of knowing which cleaning products, disinfectants and devices to keep out of your facility.

How We Recycle in the OR
Separating paper and plastic at the front line is a great first step in your going green journey.

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