Archive Excelling in a Tough Economy Guide 2012

Bad Economy? What Bad Economy?
My center is flourishing during the current recession. So can yours.

Keep Your Eye On Retina
With Medicare reimbursements expected to increase for the sixth straight year, the subspecialty is primed for profit potential.

Save With Reprocessed Single-Use Devices
My facility banked several thousand dollars by rejecting the one-and-done philosophy of expensive disposable supplies.

Let Patients Finance Their Surgeries
A review of the options you can offer your cash-strapped patients.

Who's Paying for Those Implants?
Secrets to getting reimbursed for surgery's priciest parts.

Thinking of Adding Spine?
Capitalize on the continued migration of cases to the outpatient setting.

Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Grows in Popularity
More and more patients are seeking out the minimally invasive treatment. Will they find it at your facility?

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