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Archive Employee & Patient Safety Guide 2012

Seamlessly Integrating Surgical Smoke Evacuation
How to get surgeons and OR staff to embrace evacuation, to everyone's benefit.

Our Hands-Off Approach to Sharps Safety
Inside the change in practice that caught OSHA's eye.

Why We Pre-Warm Our Patients
Maintaining normothermia throughout surgery gets a head start in pre-op.

Avoid Medication Missteps
Are you committing common storage, labeling or administration mistakes?

The Many Faces of Wrong-Site Surgery Prevention
It's not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Here's a sampling of ways your colleagues ensure they operate on the correct site.

Are You Ready for an MH Emergency?
Recognize early warning signs and act quickly to treat the deadly condition.

Stay on Your Feet
Rethinking routines and seeking staff input will eliminate slipping and tripping hazards.

Best Practices for C-Arm Safety
Protect patients and staff from excessive radiation exposure with these easy-to-follow protocols.

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