Archive Cost Justification Guide 2017

Find Value in Value Analysis
Cost-justifying new purchases is essential in today's surgical economy.

Can You Put a Price on The Best Views in Surgery?
4K video is the clear choice for forward-thinking facilities.

Orthopedic Robots Pay for Themselves
Outpatient joint replacement business is booming thanks to new opportunities and better outcomes.

Make Room in Your Budget For Whole-Room Disinfection
Mobile robots hunt down and destroy even the hardiest of multidrug-resistant organisms.

Bring C-arm's Imaging Power to the Bedside
Improved intraoperative imaging is well worth the investment.

The Nose Knows: Stop Staph Where It Lurks
For a small cost, nasal decolonization can pack a big punch in the fight against SSIs.

Think Outside the Box to Pump Up Your Purchasing Power
Q&A with Thomas Lubotsky, BBA, MHA, FACHE, value-based expert and supply management mastermind.

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