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On Point: Anesthesia Advance's Pace Outpatient Care
Skilled providers are helping you add increasingly complex procedures.

4 Secrets of Our Nerve Block Success
Tapping into regional anesthesia's potential sends patients home sooner, in less pain and more satisfied with their care.

What's Your Medication Safety IQ?
Take this short quiz to test your knowledge of drug security, storage and administration.

Primed for Recovery
Optimizing patients' nutrition before surgery prepares their bodies for the physical rigors of surgery.

How to Stock Your MH Carts
Your staff needs easy access to rescue medications and essential supplies when the patient's life hangs in the balance.

Don't Put Off Patient Warming
Efforts to prevent hypothermia work best when they begin in pre-op.

True-Life Tales of Trying Airways
Anesthesia experts share their most memorable difficult intubations - and what they learned from their experiences.

Should You Go IV-Free?
Oral sedation promises to improve efficiencies and increase patient satisfaction in busy eye centers.

Retired Wide Receiver Catching On in the OR
Q&A with Nate Hughes, MD, former NFLer and future anesthesiologist.

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