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Which Drug is Better For Post-op Pain Control?
Bupivacaine, at a price of about $2.80 per shot, or the liposomal bupivacaine formulation trade-named Exparel, at about $285 per vial? What we found may surprise you.

A New Way to Manage Post-op Pain
The Perioperative Surgical Home model is revolutionizing patient care with preset clinical pathways for specific cases.

6 Things MH Experts Want You to Know
The MHAUS hotline medical director answers your most pressing questions.

4 Keys to a Sound Patient Warming Strategy
Diminish the chilling impact of redistribution hypothermia.

What Difficult Veins?
Imaging technology all but guarantees first-stick success when starting IVs.

The Next-Generation Anesthesia Machines
Technology updates make anesthesia delivery safer for patients and easier for providers.

5 Keys to Managing Sleep Apnea
Pre-op assessments and taking the proper precautions on the day of surgery will help keep these high-risk patients safe.

How We Prevent PONV
For at-risk patients, targeted interventions spell relief.

Does Your Anesthesia Service Make the Grade?
Look for these qualities at the head of the OR table.

The Gatekeepers of Ambulatory Surgery
Q&A with Meena S. Desai, MD, an anesthesia society leader and patient safety advocate.

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