Archive Ambulatory Anesthesia Guide 2013

Warming to Faster Patient Discharges
Spending less time in recovery is an often-overlooked benefit of actively warming patients before, during and after surgery.

Vascular Access Made Easy
Time-tested tips for locating veins and starting IVs.

Top Tips for Managing Post-Op Pain
Keep patients comfortable in recovery and at home.

Low-Flow Anesthesia For Quicker Recoveries
Reducing gas delivery by 500ml per minute also boosts the bottom line.

Manage Airways the Ambulatory Way
The factors that affect respiration can assist in recovery.

The Art of PONV Prevention
Science — and a little bit of common sense — will help you steer clear of this common complication.

Rev Up With Regional
Local blocks help send happy patients home sooner.

Why Vital Signs Are Vitally Important
Don't overlook basic monitoring strategies to enhance safety and efficiency.

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