Archive Ambulatory Anesthesia Guide 2012

Warming Your High-Acuity Patients
Why you should aggressively maintain normothermia in these individuals.

5 Tips for Smoother IV Starts
Follow these steps for better access to difficult-to-find veins.

The Advantages of Avoiding Opioids
Alternative approaches to managing post-op pain are ideally suited for high-acuity patients.

Who's at Risk for Difficult Airways?
Take the challenge out of challenging intubations with proper planning and the right tools.

Why Regional Benefits Overweight Patients
Avoiding or limiting general anesthesia lets you sidestep a host of potential obesity-related complications.

Monitoring High-Risk Patients
Continuous electronic monitoring may provide an early-detection solution.

6 Steps to Safer Medication Storage
Ensure drugs are secure, kept in the right place and ready when you need them.

What Belongs in the Crash Cart?
Prepare your facility for emergencies with this drawer-by-drawer breakdown of must-have medications and devices.

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