Archive Ambulatory Anesthesia Guide 2011

The Right Dose, Right On Time
How you store and deliver drugs impacts more than just patient safety.

3 Keys to Managing the Difficult Airway
You can

A Multimodal Approach to Post-Op Pain
The right combination of drugs can really reduce opioid use.

Patient Warming's Link to Faster Discharges
Maintaining normothermia reduces surgical complication risks and speeds recoveries.

Off and Running With Regional
A well-run nerve block program improves throughput and profitability.

Is an Anesthesia Staffing Service Right for You?
OR coverage you can trust is just one of the many benefits of outsourcing.

4 Ways to Reduce Inhalational Anesthesia Costs
Smaller quantities of the right agent can have a big impact without compromising safety.

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