Archive Ambulatory Anesthesia Guide 2010

Where Did All the Propofol Go?
A snapshot of the shortage and what you can do about it.

The Perks of Patient Warming
Everyone warms patients, but not everyone understands its widespread benefits.

7 Keys to Nerve Block Efficiency
Strengthen your block program with this guide to streamlined regional anesthesia.

Ready for That Difficult Airway?
8 ways to manage challenging intubations.

The Latest in Vital Signs Monitors
New designs are worth watching as you outfit your facility for anesthesia's digital future.

The Care and Handling of Anesthesia Drugs
Seek safety and efficiency in your ordering and administering.

Anesthesia Recordkeeping Enters the Digital Age
Consider how efficiencies and outcomes will improve when adding an anesthesia information management system to your facility.

Maintaining Continuous Pain Control
Follow these pearls for pain pump success.

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