Archive Ambulatory Anesthesia Guide 2007

Monitoring Your Anesthesia Supplies
The right purchasing decisions should save money without compromising safety.

What's Your Consciousness Telling You?
Get your patients as close as possible to pre-procedure status immediately after surgery.

Overcoming the Blocks Barrier
It doesn't take much training and practice to become proficient.

Defining IV Sedation
Examining the principle and practice of this specialized technique.

Developing Sensible Airway Management Protocols
Let the procedures that you can safely perform be your guide.

Strategies for PONV Management
Following these guidelines will help curb surgery's most frustrating complication.

Sleep Watching Through Surgery
Here's what you need to monitor and how you need to do it.

The Push for Faster Recoveries
Understanding conscious sedation's anesthetic agents and monitoring protocols will promote safe and efficient discharges.

A Quick Check of Your Peripheral
Nerve blocks are becoming the preferred approach to controlling post-op pain.

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