Archive Ambulatory Anesthesia Guide 2006

Just How Safe Is Ambulatory Anesthesia?
Our panel of experts weighs in on the safety of anesthesia.

25 Tips for Preventing Medication Errors
Safe medication practices every outpatient surgical facility should employ.

5 Safeguards for IV Anesthesia
Is your facility providing the safest, most comfortable IV sedation it can?

Make Inhaled Anesthesia Trouble-free
Monitor the patient circuit and set alarm thresholds to head off problems.

Review Your Regional Protocol
Local pain control is a valuable surgical tool if performed properly.

Let Peds Emerge Tranquilly
The secret for us was subbing meperidine for morphine.

Bringing the Heat
Our efforts to reduce surgical site infections ended up improving our patient warming protocol.

How to Manage a Difficult Airway
To ensure the best outcomes, prepare for the worst-case scenario in all cases.

The Vitals of Vital Signs Monitoring
Patient safety starts with user-friendly devices.

Prophylaxis and Treatment of PONV
A review of your antiemetic therapy options for PONV prophylaxis.

The New Face of Post-op Pain
What's normal post-discharge pain and what requires follow-up?

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