Archive Abdominal Surgery Guide 2012

What Do Your Surgeons See?
Improving their visualization of the abdominal cavity leads to safer surgery and better case outcomes.

Trocars You Can Trust
The latest designs improve the efficacy and safety of abdominal access.

Are Your Tables Positioned For Surgical Success?
The centerpiece of every OR can factor into your laparoscopy outcomes.

Mesh Making Headlines For All the Wrong Reasons
Despite a number of problems and recalls of mesh material, repairing an abdominal hernia with mesh is still the preferred method over suture repair.

Technology Confirms Correct Surgical Count
Apparent correct counts are no guarantee against leaving a piece of gauze or a sponge inside a patient.

Cutting and Sealing: Choices and Cautions
Review these principles for safe and efficient use of surgical energies.

Sizing Up Stapling's Strides
A wide array of devices gives surgeons greater control over the safety, speed and invasiveness of abdominal procedures.

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