Archive Abdominal Surgery Guide 2011

Minimize the Risk of Nicks
Of the many complications that can occur during abdominal laparoscopic surgery, perforated bowels might be the most disastrous.

What's Mesh Got to Do With It?
How the materials, coatings and structure of hernia mesh can affect surgical outcomes.

Worry-Free Access
Inserting trocars is a potentially dangerous exercise, but it doesn"t have to be.

Would You Let Nurses Smoke in the OR?
Of course not. So why aren't you evacuating surgical plumes?

5 Steps to Safer Electrosurgery
Expert advice on protecting patients from the stray currents that can cause surgical burns.

7 Practical Tips for Improving Insufflation Safety
These easy-to-implement changes reduce the risks of cross-contamination, laparoscopic hypothermia and gas embolism.

How to Achieve Great Visualization
Here"s what you need to know about giving your docs the best view of abdominal surgery"s most delicate maneuvers.

Advances in Surgical Stapling
Today"s stapling systems let you cut and seal with ease in hard-to-reach areas of the abdomen.

How Versatile Are Your Tables?
They should let you position patients for maximum visibility of the abdominal cavity.

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