Archive Abdominal Surgery Guide 2007

Eight Keys to Laparoscopic Surgery Safety
Don't overlook these basic principles.

Efficient Laparoscopic Hernia Repair
The minimally invasive approach may gain popularity thanks to Medicare's changes.

Band Leaders
Here's how two administrators run a safe and efficient outpatient gastric banding program.

Planning Anesthesia for the Bariatric Patient
The anesthesia provider must focus on managing difficult airways and maintaining adequate ventilation.

Are Reprocessed Trocars a Value or a Risk?
Infection control and cost savings may not be mutually exclusive.

Your Refresher on ESU Safety
Five tried and true steps to prevent laparoscopic electrosurgical burns.

Don't Let Adhesions Happen to Your Patients
Preventing this painful outcome in your abdominal surgery patients.

The Role of Robotics
Surgical robots offer precise, accurate assistance, but will they ever come to your OR?

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