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You're Going to Love This Meeting
ORX is an investment in yourself worth making.

Red Rock Rocks: ORX Morning Workshops
Join us for the fabulous enrichment and camaraderie of ORX, combined with the excitement of Vegas.

Beyond the Basics in Outpatient Total Joints
Advanced lessons from one of the nation's top same-day joint replacement programs.

Learning to Lead
For most people, the ability to inspire others is an acquired skill rather than an innate gift.

Yes, You Can Do Accurate Case Costing
Determine the true cost of care to boost your facility's profit potential.

Patients Come Second
Like any business, in surgery you can't take care of your customers if you don't take care of your employees.

Disruptive Docs Can Be Rehabilitated
Start by looking at your facility culture.

Truth or Consequences: Open Disclosure vs. Deny and Defend
You can avoid litigation and reputation damage through transparency and open disclosure.

A Manager for All Seasons
Connect with staff members of all ages: Millennials, Gen X-ers and Boomers.

The Future of Reimbursement
Change is coming. Are you ready for the transition?

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Take a team-based approach to ratcheting up your patient-satisfaction scores.

Anesthesia Service That Delights Surgeons and Patients
A regional skill set, an aggressive approach and continuity are the keys to a good provider.

Outpatient Spine Is Surgery's Next Big Thing
Choosing the right patients and controlling costs are key.

Become a Dauntless Nurse
Build the confidence you need to stick up for yourself and your patients.

Are You Fully Supporting Your Infection Preventionist?
The incredibly challenging role is only going to get tougher. It's up to you to lend a helping hand.

Transformative Tech
Which new and emerging technologies for surgery will truly change the game?

Batteries Not Included
In life, you've got to bring your own juice and create your own joy.

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