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Content Is King and Serving You Is Key at OR Excellence
A conference you'll be glad you attended.

You're Going to Love OR Excellence
Fast facts about surgery's friendliest conference and the gorgeous resort.

Every 1/2 Second Counts: A Victim's Perspective On Patient Safety
He lost his wife in a car accident and his toddler son days later to a medication error.

What If a Killer Walked Into Your Facility?
Prepare for the worst to keep your patients, staff and surgeons safe.

Resuscitating a Dying Surgical Center
You'll learn many do's and don'ts from this amazing turnaround story.

Patient Safety: 54 Years Of Progress ... or Stasis?
Leadership and culture change are needed to turn the tide.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Your Patients
Treat your patients like honored guests.

Ethical Decision-Making During a Disaster
Do you agree with the life-and-death choice made by the medical staff of one New Orleans hospital in the desperate days after Hurricane Katrina?

Uncovering the Real Root Cause of Mistakes
It takes good detective work to get to the bottom of adverse events.

Fear: The Hidden Killer
Being afraid to speak up cripples communication, prevents teamwork and leads to tragic results.

Are You Ready for the Tournament of Champions?
Test your knowledge of all things surgical in our fun, informative game-show format.

Substance Abuse in Surgery
Providers with alcohol and drug problems put themselves, and their patients, at risk.

Making of a Healthcare Leader
Providing patient care and managing surgical services are very different worlds.

Nominate Your Facility for a 2016 OR Excellence Award
Seven winners will be our guests at this year's conference, where they'll be recognized and celebrated.

Schedule at a Glance

Join the Price Transparency Revolution
Are you ready to post your prices online? Your patients are watching and waiting.

So, You Want to Add Outpatient Total Joints?
Learn the ins and outs of building a world-class program from the team that's already done it.

How to Perfect Your Central Sterile Department
This session is for you if you think a good autoclave can cover up a bad reprocessing department.

25 Creative Ways to Cut Costs
Small, smart choices can add up to big savings if you think outside the box.

Make Your Facility a High Reliability Organization
Implement standardized, evidence-based practices to boost efficiency and patient safety.

Avoid Infection Control Disasters
Expert-led workshop tackles hot-button issues in SSI prevention.

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