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Hope to See You in San Antonio for ORX VII
Come feel the difference at surgery's funnest, friendliest conference.

2015 OR Excellence Schedule at a Glance

Opportunity Awaits: Outpatient Total Joints Are Here to Stay
Learn the essential elements in our special pre-conference session.

Become a Better Leader
Our panel of experts will help you solve your biggest staffing challenges.

Doctor-Nurse Relationships: How to Make Them Great
Learn how to bridge the physician-nurse gap in this special morning workshop.

Top Tips for Saving Money
Expert advice on how to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

The Surgeon Who Became a Patient
You'll be more compassionate if your perspective on surgery changes.

Latest Advances in Post-Surgical Pain Management
New multimodal analgesia techniques are revolutionizing how we treat post-operative pain.

Make Connections in the ORX Exhibit Hall
Wine tasting and Martini Madness augment the evening.

The Human Spirit Is Stronger Than Anything That Can Happen to It
A former NFL player who lost his arm to cancer gained something in return: a unique understanding of what it takes to fight back and win.

Bridging the Gap Between Surgeons and Administrators
Perspective is the first step toward solutions.

Building Your Surgical Facility Into a Trusted Brand
A customer loyalty expert tells you how to make surgeons and patients fall in love with your facility.

Lives Change in a Matter of Seconds
Surgical fires scar both patients and providers in a flash.

Time to Revamp Your Sterile Processing Department
Instrument sterilization is more complex than ever (can you say duodenoscopes?). Are your techs up to speed?

Things That Get Measured Get Improved
Benchmarking boosts efficiencies and shows your facility's best side.

Optimize Your Medication Management
Consulting pharmacist discusses best practices for drug safety and security.

Time for the Tournament of Champions!
We're ready to crown a new winning team. Will you be on it?

Getting the Upper Hand In Billing Litigation
Defend yourself against payors who deny and delay payments.

The BSN Debate: How Does Nursing Education Impact Patient Outcomes?
Find out how professional development efforts pay off where it matters most.

Lessons Learned From The Death of Joan Rivers
The highly publicized incident is a wake-up call for all facilities.

Find New Friends at OR Excellence
Networking is easier at ORX thanks to its personal feel and intimate atmosphere.

See the Sights in San Antonio
Join OR Excellence where the past and local color come alive.

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