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Snapshots of the Speakers and Sessions on Tap for OR Excellence 2014
Here's what we have in store for you at our fabulous, fun-filled fall conference.

Shouldn't You Be Doing Outpatient Total Joints?
Our special pre-conference session will show you that same-day total joint surgery is now within your reach.

You Can't Make This Stuff Up
Two seasoned pros share the lessons learned from surgery's head-scratchers.

Marriage and Medicine: A Match Made in...
Can you excel in your career and have happily-ever-after, too?

About My Error
An orthopod talks candidly about wrong-site surgery

When We Laugh, We Let Out Little Puffs of Pain
Don't miss the hilarious and heartwarming humor of Bobbie Staten, RN, CSP.

Shedding Light on Surgery
Dr. Makary explores how transparency would improve patient care.

Eliminate the Errors You Can, Manage the Ones You Can't
History is a great guide for risk management.

Does Your Website Need a Makeover?
Online impressions can benefit your bottom line.

Winning the War Against SSIs
The tips and techniques you need in your arsenal.

Who's the Best at Best Practices?
ORX's Tournament of Champions will crown the victors.

Meet Your New Best Friend at ORX
Networking opportunities abound at surgery's friendliest, warmest conference.

Growing a Culture of Safety
Take-home tools to manage disruptive behaviors.

Revitalizing Your Relationships With Anesthesia Providers
They should be an integral part of your team.

Enhance the Quality of Your Quality Improvement Studies
Learn how to select the right topics and perform a sound study.

He Did What? Unusual Problems, Creative Solutions
Handling the taboo, the strange and the dreadful.

No Texting During Time Outs!
Eliminate electronic distractions from the surgical environment.

Let Technology Make Pre-Admissions a Breeze
Untapped opportunities hold huge potential benefits.

Getting Patients to Pay Up On the Day of Surgery
Learn the keys to collecting out-of-pocket expenses.

How Heavy Is Too Heavy?
Don't push the safety envelope when caring for obese patients.

Competency is Your Center's Currency
Your staff is qualified, but is it excelling?

2014 OR Excellence Schedule at a Glance

OR Excellence Heads to the Big Easy!
Join us in October for jazz, jambalaya and jaunts down Bourbon Street.

Happy Hour in the ORX Exhibit Hall
Enjoy free wine tasting and Martini Madness.

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