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Fun and Learning in Las Vegas
See what makes OR Excellence surgery's can't-miss conference.

ORX Big 10 Summit Huge Hit
Reps from leading companies visited with high-volume administrators during our reverse trade show.

How to Defuse Disruptive Docs
Psychiatrist Kent Neff, MD, explains how to face off with a good surgeon gone bad.

Are Your ORs Truly Efficient?
Never stop striving to improve patient throughput and room turnovers.

Making 'Never Events' a Reality
Renewed focus and attention are what's needed.

10 Presenters, 10 Ideas That Work
Take-home lessons came fast and furious during the ORX Power Hour.

Price Transparency's Biggest Proponent
Keith Smith, MD, shared his radical plan to revolutionize the healthcare system.

Fighting the 'Gizmo Addiction'
Personal electronic devices are distracting from patient care.

Make Ortho Centers Sing with Efficiency
Moving cases along is the biggest key to growing the bottom line.

The Purposeful Pursuit of Happiness
Generating momentum is key to achieving life's goals.

Your 2013 OR Excellence Award Winners
Surgery's best were honored during a celebratory luncheon.

The Surgical Game Show
How would you have fared in our Tournament of Champions?

Adding New Technology and Procedures
Should you add robotics, femtosecond laser cataract surgery and spine?

Start Every Case On Time
Enforce screening guidelines to keep the surgical schedule on track.

Inside the Deadly Las Vegas Hep C Outbreak
The lead investigator wowed the crowd -- and shared some breaking news.

Networking at Night
The fun began when the learning ended.

Use Technology to Rev Up Pre-Admissions
It's time to start collecting patients' pre-op information online.

Can Facilities Really Profit From Anesthesia Services?
You're likely in harm's way if you're billing and collecting for your anesthesia providers.

How to Survive a Med Mal Suit
In court, the medical record is the care rendered.

Medicare's Quality Reporting Sparks Frustration
Attendees pan government website during lively breakout session.

Pay Attention to OR Ergonomics
Laparoscopic surgery can be a nightmare for surgeons.

Are You Pushing the Patient Safety Envelope?
Knowing when to operate is knowing when not to operate.

OR Excellence Heads to the Big Easy!
Join us next year for jazz, jambalaya and jaunts down Bourbon Street.

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