Archive ORX Highlights Guide 2010

Succeeding in the New Healthcare Economy
Opening-day panel showed managers how to position their facilities for success.

Once You Cut Salaries, Be Prepared to Lead
Practice the "4 C's" to Avoid Legal Nightmares

Efficiency and Safety in the OR Go Hand-In-Hand
Safety is not a priority — it should be a way of life in your facility.

Are You Smarter Than an ORX Attendee?

There's Always Time for a Life-Balancing Connection
Fostering Collegial Surgeon-Nurse Relationships

Planning for a Stress-Free Accreditation Survey
Going Paperless? You Should Be

Responding to Horizontal Hostility
How to defuse disruptive relationships and create a healthy workplace.

Market Your Center to Attract New Surgeons
Get the Compliance Monkey Off Your Back

Work Hard, Play Harder
When the sun went down each night, the fun was just getting started.

Yes, Infection Prevention Disasters Still Happen
Discretion Is the Key to Effective Discipline

Fight Back Against Insurers' Dirty Tricks

4 Safety Product Trials in 45 Minutes

Thinking of Adding a New Procedure?

Paula Watkins Leaves Them Howling
Smart Billers Learn From Denied Claims

Growing Your Surgical Volume

Succeeding With Quality Data Reporting

Meet and Greet in the Exhibit Hall

Quiz Answers

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