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Room status camera policies

We recently opened 4 new ORs and placed a room status camera behind the control desk. This is not an enclosed area: the charge nurse sits there, but sometimes walks away. The department of health asked us to disable it, on the grounds that it violate...


Cleaning the Curtains

How do you clean the curtains that line your pre-op and PACU bays? And how often do you clean them?...


What is adequate anesthesia staffing?

I'm looking for viewpoints on what constitutes adequate anesthesia staffing, particularly in terms of covering the OB department in addition to running ORs. In my hospital, we have 3 CRNAs and a director of anesthesia. We run 3 ORs daily, with the an...


Shugarcaine Questions

Do you use Shugarcaine for anterior segment surgery? How is it used? What methods work best for application? Do you mix this cocktail yourself, or purchase it from a compounding pharmacy?...


Managing IOL request paperwork

Our hospital is looking into improving our intraocular lens request and ordering process. Currently, we do not place the surgeon's faxed IOL request form into the patient's medical record. Instead, we keep the request for 3 months, then destroy it. B...


Seeking surgical count sheet suggestions

We have been using the same surgical count sheets for the past 15 years. Anyone have any suggestions on templates or improvements for intraoperative sponge, sharp and instrument counts? Thanks....


NPO status compliance

We typically tell patients to be NPO after midnight if they are scheduled for a morning surgery. If surgery is scheduled for the afternoon, we tell them to keep their breakfast light: coffee or tea (with no milk) and/or juice, toast but no eggs. Prob...


Do You Allow Gel Manicures in the OR?

A reader writes: "I have gotten a lot of questions about if the Shellac nail polish is safe in the OR and don't feel there is enough information on this product to...


Cloth surgical caps

Does anyone have a policy re:cloth surgical caps in their facility? Are they against AORN standards?...


Disputing the new endoscopy safety guideline

After reading ASGE's new guideline for GI endoscopy unit safety, I have to say that it's probably the worst-written guideline I've ever read. It sounds like it's been assembled by gastroenterologists who want a document that supports the way they wan...


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