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Seeking Steam Autoclave Advice

Have you purchased a new, full-sized steam autoclave recently? If so, which manufacturer did you go with, were you happy with the service, and are you happy with the autoclave?...


How fast are your cataract OR turnover times?

Our ASC is conducting a quarterly benchmarking study, and any insights you could provide on your center's cataract OR turnover times would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 1. What's your average between-case turnover time? a. Less than 10 minut...


Monitoring patients after midazolam

Our patients often receive midazolam as they are leaving pre-op to go to the OR, and are accompanied by anethesia. If the patient remains in pre-op after midazolam is administered, do you always put the patient on a pulse oximeter, regardless of how ...


Seeking Patient Wait Times for Benchmarking Study

We're conducting a benchmarking study and your information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 1. How long does the patient wait in the waiting room before he/she is called back to Pre-op? 2. How early do you bring your patients in for their...


Surgeon Consents

Is an ASC responsible for having surgeons' consents dated within 30 days? We have our facility's consents signed on the day of surgery, but many of the surgeons' consents are outdated....


Which Gloves For Decontamination?

We are looking for a decontam glove that meets OSHA requirements for employee protection. We currently have a nitrile glove that goes up a little past the wrist but I think we need something stronger. The stronger gloves that I have found conta...


Endoscopy Staffing

Do you think it is acceptable to not have an RN in the endoscopy suite while doing endoscopies with an anesthesia provider using propofol?...


Scope cabinet location

Can anyone provide a reference to a guideline, best practice or regulatory agency ruling that states whether scope storage cabinets (used for hanging scopes after high-level disinfection is completed and before they're used in a procedure) can be loc...


Accessing ports for anesthesia

Do you routinely access patient ports (port-a-cath, etc) for anesthesia? I'm referring to mostly ASA 3 or less and for protocol. Are your nurses allowed to initiate access to start IV fluids? Or just your anesthesia providers?...


Patient Hospital Rooms

In re-designing patient rooms for a small hospital, what would be your most desired updates?...


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