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Pediatric Tonsillectomies

Our center does a very low volume of pediatric tonsillectomies. (less than five per year). Our minimum age is currently three years old. What age do you feel is the youngest that can safely undergo tonsillectomy at our center? Do you feel that our ...


Drug security regulations

What are you doing about the implementation of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act on July 1st? Are you letting your wholesalers keep the information for the required 6-year period? Will that meet the requirements?...


What is adequate anesthesia staffing?

I'm looking for viewpoints on what constitutes adequate anesthesia staffing, particularly in terms of covering the OB department in addition to running ORs. In my hospital, we have 3 CRNAs and a director of anesthesia. We run 3 ORs daily, with the an...


IV start orders

In our ASC, IV start orders are signed by the anesthesiologist. Who normally writes IV start orders at your facility, anesthesia or the surgeon? What's the guideline or thinking for this?...


Carts or trays?

Does anyone know the Joint Commission's stance on surgical equipment being kept in carts (for example, bronch carts) rather than trays? We've been told that all of our equipment should be stored in trays rather than carts. Any thoughts?...


Jackets in OR

AORN recommends long sleeve jackets to be worn in restricted areas. The coverage of the arms prevents contamination from the shedding of skin cells, they say. What is your facility's practice in this regard? Do you have a policy that requires the cov...


Sick-day policy

Are your employees allowed to "text in sick?"...


Pre-Filling Syringes

Is there any literature out there that specifies the parameters by which syringes can or cannot be pre-filled on the day prior to use? If they can be pre-filled, what is the protocol (use within 24 hours, labeled and initialed, etc.)? Our specific si...


Surgery Logbook Regulations?

Are there any regulations, on the federal or state (Calif.) level, that actually require ASCs to have a physical surgery logbook? We recently had an inspection and were cited for not keeping one. We used to keep a log of surgeries when we had physic...


Sales reps in scrubs

Employees who wear their scrubs out of your facility and launder them at home are one issue. But sales reps who wear scrubs instead of street clothes, and go from facility to facility carrying contaminants between the ORs they're visiting all day are...


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