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Inclement Weather Policy

Does your facility have an inclement weather policy? During the recent snow and ice storms many states were paralyzed, with several having to declare states of emergency. However, I noticed that elective surgery was not cancelled. Hospitals continued...


Calculating OR utilization times

What data (that is, what numerator and denominator) are you using to calculate OR utilization times, and what is your target utilization percentage?...


How fast are your cataract OR turnover times?

Our ASC is conducting a quarterly benchmarking study, and any insights you could provide on your center's cataract OR turnover times would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 1. What's your average between-case turnover time? a. Less than 10 minut...


Straight local cases in ASC

What are your practices when doing straight local cases in an outpatient OR? Is it your policy to start an IV, maintain an NPO status, and/or provide a monitor nurse? We are being challenged by a physician to do none of the above, and are interested ...


Pharmaceutical waste

A question for smaller, stand-alone ambulatory surgery centers: Have you contracted with a waste handling company to separate out your pharmaceutical waste? I think that we are small enough to be exempt from such a requirement, but since it seems to ...


How do you transport contaminated instruments?

I work in a very small, 2-OR hospital. We're trying to comply with AAMI and AORN standards regarding the transportation of instruments from the OR to the decontamination room after a case. Decontam and sterile processing are just down a restricted ha...


Discharge via cab

Are there any recommendations or standards for discharging patients home in a taxi cab, with no adult supervision? One of our GI physicians would like to send patients home this way, without an accompanying adult, when they don't have an escort avail...


OR Etiquette

A staff member recently asked if I had a guideline for "OR etiquette." While I have many policies for job descriptions, safety, etc., I have none specifically to give to employees who may not understand proper OR behavior. I expect my employees to ...


Room status camera policies

We recently opened 4 new ORs and placed a room status camera behind the control desk. This is not an enclosed area: the charge nurse sits there, but sometimes walks away. The department of health asked us to disable it, on the grounds that it violate...


Cleaning the Curtains

How do you clean the curtains that line your pre-op and PACU bays? And how often do you clean them?...


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