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What is adequate anesthesia staffing?

I'm looking for viewpoints on what constitutes adequate anesthesia staffing, particularly in terms of covering the OB department in addition to running ORs. In my hospital, we have 3 CRNAs and a director of anesthesia. We run 3 ORs daily, with the an...


Who Starts Antibiotics?

Which team memember is starting preoperative antibiotics in your facility? If no pharmacy is onsite at your facility, who prepares the antibiotic and does that differ from the person who starts the antibiotic?...


How fast are your cataract OR turnover times?

Our ASC is conducting a quarterly benchmarking study, and any insights you could provide on your center's cataract OR turnover times would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 1. What's your average between-case turnover time? a. Less than 10 minut...


Patient Attire in the OR

We are a newly opened ASC doing ophthalmology procedures. The patients remain in street clothes that are covered with a hospital gown, shoe covers and bouffant cap for transport into the OR. I have been told that we do much more than other ASCs by ...


Seeking Patient Wait Times for Benchmarking Study

We're conducting a benchmarking study and your information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 1. How long does the patient wait in the waiting room before he/she is called back to Pre-op? 2. How early do you bring your patients in for their...


BMI as Patient Selection Criteria?

As the average size of surgical patients is getting larger and larger, we're likely to see more and more obese and morbidly obese patients scheduled for procedures in ASCs. I would like information regarding the care of these patients in freestanding...


Prophylactic antibiotics

How does your center handle pre-op prophylactic antibiotic orders? Do you have general standing orders, or specific standing orders for each surgeon? Do your surgeons write or give specific orders for each patient when their cases are scheduled? I'm ...


Pre-Op Serum K Policies

I am interested in opinions regarding pre-op serum K (that is, potassium concentrations in the blood) in outpatient surgery for patients who are on diuretics. Do any facilities have a policy on this issue? Thanks -- James Ullman, MD...


Pre-Admission Testing

How many of your patients are seen in pre-admission testing and have all their paperwork and diagnostics completed prior to the day of surgery?...


Patient transportation for cataract turnovers

We are interested in trialing a more efficient method of perioperative transportation for our cataract patients. Given the procedure's 8 to 10 minute times, speeding turnover by transporting patients from pre-op to the OR to PACU on the same bed, gur...


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