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How fast are your cataract OR turnover times?

Our ASC is conducting a quarterly benchmarking study, and any insights you could provide on your center's cataract OR turnover times would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 1. What's your average between-case turnover time? a. Less than 10 minut...


Accessing ports for anesthesia

Do you routinely access patient ports (port-a-cath, etc) for anesthesia? I'm referring to mostly ASA 3 or less and for protocol. Are your nurses allowed to initiate access to start IV fluids? Or just your anesthesia providers?...


An acceptable OR jacket?

Our ASC would like to provide jackets for our staff. We are looking at 100% polyester fleece from a nationally known catalog retailer. But I'm wondering: Is polyester fleece OK to wear in the OR?...


Nail Polish Remover in a Surgical Environment

On occasion, we have the need to remove nail polish from the patient's finger in order to get a good pulse ox reading. Since acetone is known to be extremely flammable, we were told by a consultant that we could use "non-acetone nail polish remover...


Gloves in the Hallways (Back Hallways in the OR)

I started a new job and was told we cannot wear gloves to transport our dirty linen, trash and instruments (also bloody water on the table) to the dirty utility room. I was told this is a Joint Commission standard, but it goes against everything I wa...


How do you Remove Silicone from an OR Floor?

We had an breast implant rupture and some of the silicone got on the OR floor. We have tried everything to remove it but the floors continues to be very slippery. Do you have any tips for removing a substance like this from an OR floor?...


Endoscopy Staffing

Do you think it is acceptable to not have an RN in the endoscopy suite while doing endoscopies with an anesthesia provider using propofol?...


How Many of Your Patients Have Outdated H&Ps?

About 56% of our GI patients have not been seen by the GI office within 30 days of their procedure, so we do the H&P the day of the procedure. There is an H&P available, but it is older than 30 days. Is this excessive? What percent of your GI pat...


Do you pay OR Housekeepers What They're Really Worth?

I would like to re-classify certain staff members who work in the OR to increase their pay. Their current title is housekeeper, but they do so much more and are responsible for more than housekeepers in other departments. What would be a reasonable j...


Simethicone in endoscopy

How many facilities use simethicone during endoscopy procedures? Do you test your scopes for residue from the simethicone before or after reprocessing? Do you use it in an irrigation bottle or inject it through the biopsy channel?...


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