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Billing for Essure Placement

A patient underwent placement of the permanent birth control system Essure in our hospital. CPT code 58565 was used for physician services and 58555 for hospital services. Is this correct ?If not how should I correct it?...


Seeking surgical count sheet suggestions

We have been using the same surgical count sheets for the past 15 years. Anyone have any suggestions on templates or improvements for intraoperative sponge, sharp and instrument counts? Thanks....


Does an IV need to be in place for cases involving local anesthesia?

We are interested in the practice of other ASCs regarding the requirement for an IV (at least a reseal) prior to a straight local case. Seeking both your practice and any potential support in the literature. Our policy is to have an IV reseal in pl...


How do you transport contaminated instruments?

I work in a very small, 2-OR hospital. We're trying to comply with AAMI and AORN standards regarding the transportation of instruments from the OR to the decontamination room after a case. Decontam and sterile processing are just down a restricted ha...


Ambulatory Surgery Fall Risk Assessment Tool

Our hospital based Ambulatory Surgery Dept is working to develop a Fall Risk Assessment Tool. Is there anyone out there that has a tool that they use that works well for them that they would be willing to share with us. Also, do you assess every pa...


In vs. Out-of-Network

I have been looking for recent articles focusing on comparisons of In vs. Out of network facilities/reimbursement. Beckers ASC had a couple, but they looked a bit outdated. Does anyone have a link to any recent articles? Maybe some opinions from othe...


Cell Phone Photos in the OR

We seem to have a rash of surgeons lately who want to take photos of patients' surgeries. For example, a picture of a colon, an augementation after mastectomy, a very large goiter, etc. Our policy states that we can only take pictures with the OR cam...


Picc lines

Are your preop nurses allowed to access picc lines for ambulatory surgeries?...


Does CMS require annual employee physicals?

Heard a rumor from a friend at another ASC that Joint Commission has told them during a recent survey that CMS is now requiring annual employee physicals. Does anyone know if this is true, or have documentation where this standard can be found? Than...


Artificial Nails

Are the nurses providing patient care in the pre-op area allowed to wear artificial fingernails?...


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