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Mizuho OSI, maker of the trusted Hana table, knows what kind of space limitations ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) face. That's why they created the Hana SC Surgery Center Table, optimizing the original Hana table to have everything you need--but nothing you don't--for use in ASCs. The Hana SC Surgery Center Table is a streamlined alternative that enables surgeons to perform hip arthroscopy and anterior approach total hip arthroplasty with the same, unobstructed access experienced in a hospital setting. The Hana SC Surgery Center Table features:

Radiolucent lift-assist leg spars

Fine and gross traction adjustment for full joint distraction

Femur hook with power lift

Pressure equalization pads with Tempur-Pedic

For more information, visit www.mizuhosi.com/product/hana-sc or click on "Learn More" below.

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