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You Can Be Confident In These Ophthalmology and Urology Meds

You shouldn't have to worry about the sterility of your compounded medications. Edge Pharma's unparalleled safety standards offer a wide assortment of compounded ophthalmic and urology medications for hospitals and surgery centers that are USP 797 Sterile, USP 800 Hazardous Compounded compliant and VAWD accredited. Available ophthalmic medications include hyaluronidase ophthalmic blocks (bupivacaine/lidocaine/hyaluronidase and epinephrine/lidocaine/hyaluronidase) in premixed, ready-to-administer retrobulbar and peribulbar ophthalmic blocks dispensed in unit-dose syringes; povidone iodine, mitomycin ophthalmic and EDTA; and epi-shugarcaine dilating injections in unit-dose syringes. Edge Pharma also offers these urology medications in ready-to-administer kits, prefilled unit-dose Luer Lock syringes with the CSTD pre-attached: the new gemcitabine bladder instillation kit (1 g/50 mL) and the mitomycin bladder instillation kit (40 mg/40 mL).

For more information, call (802) 992-1178, visit www.edgepharma.com or click on "Learn More" below.

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