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These Clever Devices Make Orthopedic Surgery Better

Get high-quality orthopedic products at budget prices from Medical Products Resource (MPR). The company's Alvarado Knee Positioner features a newly designed boot that better fits the malleolar bone. A fully welded boot bottom keeps out debris. The Jobe Shoulder Instrument Set, designed by an orthopedic surgeon, creates excellent exposure in the glenohumeral joint for Bankart and Bristow procedures and capsulabral reconstruction. It works for both anterior and posterior approaches. The Improved Original Leg Holder is 20% lighter than MPR's older version. On the upgraded version, the frame widens 2 in. more to accommodate both standard and XL pads.

For more information, call (800) 524-5194, email info@m-p-r.com, visit www.m-p-r.com or click on "Learn More" below.

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