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This Device is the Secret to Navigating Especially Difficult Airways

Your anesthesia pros will be able to accomplish difficult intubations faster and more easily with the S-Guide from VBM. This malleable intubating device, a sort of combination introducer and stylet, allows amazing control of the ET tube when you must maneuver around unusual anatomic features such as an oropharyngeal tumor. The S-Guide is hollow, so it enables oxygenation after connection to an oxygen source. The malleable segment can be adjusted to any required geometry. The soft preformed distal tip helps prevent trauma. Three oxygen outlets help prevent hypoxia. The S-Guide works especially well with non-channeled video laryngoscope blades.

For more information call 317-776-1800. For additional information and a helpful video, visit www.vbm-medical.com or click on "Learn More" below.

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