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Evaluating the true cost of advertising is trickier than just comparing ad rates. What really counts is the number of eyes that will see your message. When it comes to delivering the most ad impressions, no publication is more effective, efficient and economical than Outpatient Surgery Magazine.

There are two keys to analyzing your advertising options:

Exposures, or impressions, occur each time a unique reader’s eyes land on your ad. Evaluating exposures is more complicated than looking at a publication’s claimed circulation numbers. To get an accurate picture, you have to assess the quality of the circulation list (is the publication reaching qualified surgical decisionmakers?), and how frequently and thoroughly recipients actually read the publication.

Cost per Exposure (CPX) is the true cost you’re paying for an ad. It’s calculated by dividing the cost of the ad by the number of exposures from qualified purchasers likely to see it. Seemingly low-priced ad pages can be extraordinarily expensive if the publication isn’t delivered to the right decisionmakers or isn’t read by them even when delivered.

With a CPX of only 54 cents for a full page, Outpatient Surgery delivers nearly 3 times the exposures at about half the price of our best performing competitor. If you think of this in terms of a monthly ad plan, Outpatient Surgery delivers 150,000 exposures for the year versus only 52,000. Consider also that these 150,000 impressions can be less than 20 cents each in a one-third page plan.



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