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Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 12/12/16; Materials: 12/16/16

Feature Articles

  • 2017 Salary Survey
  • The Case for Prefilled Syringes
  • 10 Tips for Safer Trendelenberg Positioning
  • Reader Survey on Continuous Nerve Blocks
  • What's New in Fracture Repair
  • Update on Cutting and Sealing Technology
  • Thinking of Buying...Smoke Evacuators
  • 10 Tips for More Successful Laser Cataract Surgery
  • Alternatives to Forced-Air Patient Warming
  • Putting the Endoscope Disinfection Guidelines into Practice
  • Time to Buy New Rigid Sterilization Containers?
  • What's New in Patient Communication Apps
  • Surgical Error Series: Can We Stamp OutSurgical Errors?
Manager's Guide to Cost-Justification

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 12/5/16; Materials: 12/9/16

Special Distribution AORN, AAOS, ASCRS, ASCA, ORX, ACS, ASA

Feature Articles

Making the case for:

  • Surgical Video Systems
  • IV Anti-Inflammatory Meds
  • New C-Arm Technology
  • Nasal Staph Prophylaxis
  • Whole-Room Disinfection Systems
  • Orthopedic Robots
  • Instrument Tracking Systems

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 1/9/17; Materials: 1/13/17

Special Distribution AAOS

Feature Articles

  • How to Pick a Compounding Lab
  • What The New Sleep Apnea Guidelines Mean to You
  • How to Choose the Right Screen Sizes for Your ORs
  • Technology for Better Refractive Cataract Surgery
  • 10 Tips for Safe, Effective Outpatient Spinal Fusion
  • Technology to Improve Adenoma Detection Rates
  • Thinking of Buying...Whole Room Disinfection Systems
  • 10 Prepping Challenges and How to Solve Them
  • What's New in ENT Surgical Navigation
  • Update on Instrument Washing Systems
  • 10 Pre-op Actions That Make for Better Outcomes
  • Gowns Your Surgeons Will Want to Wear
  • Are Bundled Payments in Your Future?
  • Surgical Error Series: The Root Causes of Surgical Errors
AAOS/AORN Product and Services Showcase

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 1/2/17; Materials: 1/6/17

Special Distribution AAOS, AORN

Showcases put your message in front of thousands of surgical leaders for just pennies. A Showcase ad gives you about 1/3 of a page to show off your product or service, and we do all the production work for you! The Showcases are packaged and delivered with surgery's most popular magazine and your ad also appears on our highly trafficked website!


Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 2/13/17; Materials: 2/17/17

Special Distribution AORN

Feature Articles

  • Better Tools to Fight Scope Cross-Contamination
  • Thinking of Buying...Pain Pumps
  • Reader Survey on Employee Safety
  • Pre-Warming—Key to Preventing Hypothermia?
  • Products to Fight Staph Aureus
  • How We Standardized Our MH Response
  • Understanding Your Biologic Mesh Options
  • New Rules of Retained Objects
  • 10 Things You Don't Know About IV Starts
  • All Patients Are at Risk for Pressure Ulcers
  • Make Sure Your Electronic Data Are Secure
  • Inside an Outpatient Cancer Surgery Center
  • Surgical Error Series: Creating a Culture of Patient Safety
  • Products for Endophthalmitis Prevention
Manager's Guide to Surgical Construction

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 2/6/17; Materials: 2/10/17

Special Distribution AORN, ASCA, ASCRS, ORX, ASA, ACS, AAOS

Feature Articles

  • Building and Remodeling for The New Surgical Economy
  • Choosing Professional Advisers With Vision
  • How to Outfit for Same-Day Total Joints
  • How to Build an Integrated OR
  • How to Equip for Outpatient Spine
  • Choosing Visualization Systems That Will Last a Decade
  • Technology for Super-Efficient ORs
  • Sterile Processing: Maximize Speed and Reliability
  • The Pros and Cons of Short-Term Recovery Facilities
  • Equipment That Saves Space in Your OR
  • Creating a Patient-Centered Environment
  • Executive Brief on the New Life Safety Codes

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 3/13/17; Materials: 3/17/17

Special Distribution ASCA, ASCRS

Feature Articles

  • 10 Things You Don't Know About...Difficult Airways
  • The Case for Double-Gloving
  • Lessons Learned from 3 Endoscope Disinfection Failures
  • How to Get Certified for Total Joint Surgery
  • How to Meet the New Post-op Pain Guidelines
  • Reader Survey on Fluid and Solid Waste Management
  • Our Medication Error Was a Blessing in Disguise
  • 10 Tips on Surgical Positioning: A Photo Essay
  • New Strategies to Prevent PONV and PDNV
  • Thinking of Buying...Pupillary Dilation Drugs and Devices
  • What's New in Surgical Headlights
  • Surgical Error Series: Leadership, the First Key to Error Prevention
  • Is An ACO in Your Future?
ASCRS/ASCA/APIC April Product and Services Showcase
Manager's Guide to Hot Technology

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 3/6/17; Materials: 3/10/17 (for BOTH issues)

Special Distribution ASCA, ASCRS, ORX, ASA, ACS, AAOS, AORN

  • Pain Pumps That Talk Back
  • Comparing HD With 4K
  • What's New in EMRs
  • Update on Laser Cataract Surgery
  • What's New in Radiologic Imaging
  • Advances in Articulating Instruments
  • Advances in Robotic Orthopedic Systems
  • 10 Technologies to Streamline the Pre-op Process
  • In The Future: An Autonomous Surgical Robot?
  • Update on Instrument Tracking Systems
  • A Photo Atlas of Image Enhancement Technology
  • What's New in Whole-Room Disinfection Technology
  • What's New in Colonoscope Visualization Technology
  • Point Counterpoint on Robot-Assisted Abdominal Surgery

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 4/10/17; Materials: 4/14/17

Feature Articles

  • Reader Survey on Surgical Video
  • What's New in Orthopedics: Our Report from AAOS
  • SAGES Report: What's New in MIS
  • What's New in Tables and Stretchers
  • How to Handle 10 EMR Challenges
  • Technology for Managing Your Vendor Reps
  • Thinking of Buying...Medication Safety Systems
  • How to Get Robotic Benefits Without the Robot
  • How to Successfully Add Intraoperative Aberrometry
  • Top 5 Procedures That Are Going Outpatient
  • Outpatient Surgery Advisor: Anesthesia Services
  • Surgical Error Series: Communication, the Second Key to Error Prevention
Manager's Guide to Infection Control

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 4/3/17; Materials: 4/7/17

Special Distribution APIC, ORX, ASA, ACS, AAOS, AORN, ASCA, ASCRS

Feature Articles

  • SSI Reduction Success Stories
  • How We Reached Zero SSIs
  • Our Anti-SSI Initiative Saved Us $250,000
  • We Slashed SSIs by Two-Thirds
  • A New Way to Think About Surface Disinfection
  • Update on Prepping
  • 10 Tips for Better Lumened Instrument Reprocessing
  • Best Practices for Using Rigid Containers
  • Sorting Through the Facts on Safe and Effective Patient Warming
  • How Will We Fight the New Superbugs?
  • Best Practices for Validation
  • New Products for Low-Temperature Sterilization
  • Decontamination Products That Work

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 5/15/17; Materials: 5/19/17

Special Distribution APIC

Feature Articles

  • How to Prevent TASS
  • Executive Brief on Surgical Video
  • Take Our Medication Safety Quiz
  • Do EHRs Help Prevent Adverse Events?
  • Game Changers in Infection Control
  • Thinking of Buying...Warming Cabinets
  • Reader Survey on Outsourcing
  • Five Simple Secrets to Safety Sharps Adoption
  • The Promising Future of Chronic Pain Procedures
  • Wrap vs.Rigid Containers: How to Choose
  • 10 Things You Don't Know About...Flexible Endoscopes
  • Options in Just-In-Time Sterile Implant Inventory
  • Your Guide to Unicompartmental Knee Replacements
  • Surgical Error Series: Courage, the Third Key to Error Prevention
Preview of OR Excellence PLUS June "Double-Play" Product and Service Showcase

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 5/8/17; Materials: 5/12/17


Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 6/12/17; Materials: 6/16/17

Feature Articles

  • The Coming Era of Big-Screen Surgery
  • What's New In Gastroenterology: Our Report from DDW
  • ASCRS Report: What's New in Cataract Surgery
  • Thinking of Buying...Fluid Waste Systems
  • Transforming from Flash to Immediate-Use Sterilization
  • Reader Survey on Patient Safety
  • Update Your Supply-Ordering Process
  • What's New in Total Disk Replacement Technology
  • The Skinny on New Weight-Loss Techniques
  • Game-Changing Advances in Patient Positioning
  • 5 Secrets for Hip Replacement Efficiency
  • New Rules of Terminal Cleaning
  • Barrier Protection Checkup: Are You Doing it Right?
  • Surgical Error Series: Preventing Retained Objects
Manager's Guide to Anesthesia

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 6/5/17; Materials: 6/9/17

Special Distribution ORX, ASA, ACS, AAOS, AORN, ASCA, ASCRS

Feature Articles

  • New Techniques to Improve Airway Management
  • What We Learned from a Real MH Crisis
  • Advances in Multimodal Pain Management
  • Top Tips for Successful Continuous Nerve Blocks
  • What's New in Vital Signs Monitoring
  • Best Practices for Managing Anesthesia Carts
  • 5 Keys to Achieving Better Patient Satisfaction
  • Anesthesia Machines That Cut Costs
  • Update on Supraglottic Airway Devices
  • Anesthesia Products That Improve Efficiency

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 7/10/17; Materials: 7/14/17

Ad Study Issue

Feature Articles

  • 10 Game-Changing Advances in Flexible Endoscopy
  • Six Simple Secrets to Cleaning Lumened Instruments
  • Reader Survey on Cataract Procedures
  • How Well Do Whole-Room Disinfection Systems Work?
  • Can Prefilled Syringes Improve Medication Safety?
  • The 360 Approach to Hernia Repair
  • Thinking of Buying...Secure Dispensing Devices
  • Executive Brief on Pre-op Showers
  • New Rules of Patient Warming
  • These Scheduling Systems Might Save You Money
  • Products for Pressure Ulcer Prevention
  • Tips for Better Clipping
  • Surgical Error Series: Preventing Wrong-Site, Patient and Procedure Errors
Manager's Guide To Orthopedic Surgery

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 7/3/17; Materials: 7/7/17

Special Distribution ORX, ASA, AAOS, AORN, ASCA

Feature Articles

  • Tourniquet Technology That Keeps Patients Safe
  • Is It Time for a Power Tool Update?
  • What's New in Orthopedic Positioning Technology
  • Update on Multimodal Analgesia for Orthopedics
  • Advances in Arthroscopy Visualization
  • Vendor Support Programs for Outpatient Joints
  • 10 Game-Changing Advances in Joint Replacement
  • How Joint Surgery Robots Perform in Practice
  • The Economics of Total Joint Bundled Payments
  • Fluid Waste Management for Arthroscopy
  • Advances in Outpatient Trauma Care
  • Update on Spinal Fusion Techniques

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 8/14/17; Materials: 8/18/17

Special Distribution ORX, ACS

Feature Articles

  • The 9th Annual OR Excellence Awards:
    • Patient Safety
    • Employee Safety
    • Pain Control
    • SSI Prevention
    • Patient Satisfaction
    • Environmental Stewardship
    • Financial Management
  • 10 Game-Changing Advances in Surgical Video
  • Thinking of Buying...Video Laryngoscopes
  • Update on Mesh Fixation Options
  • Fine-Tune Your DVT Prevention Protocol
  • Should You Add These Bariatric Procedures?
  • New Ophthalmic Laser Treatments to Consider
  • Surgical Error Series: Preventing Electrosurgical Injuries
  • Is Your OR Turnover Up to Speed?
ACS/ASA/ORX Product and Services Showcase

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 8/7/17; Materials: 8/11/17

Special Distribution ACS, ASA, ORX

September Special! Buy an ad in our September Showcase and get one for half-price in our November Showcase!


Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 9/11/17; Materials: 9/15/17

Special Distribution ASA

Feature Articles

  • What's New in Surface Disinfection
  • Reader Survey on Difficult Airways
  • Thinking of Buying...Surgical Lights
  • Improve Your Arthroscopy Imaging
  • 10 Things You Don't Know About...Regional Anesthesia
  • How We Do Bilateral Total Knee Replacement
  • The Team Approach to Effective Endoscope Cleaning
  • Executive Brief on Sinus Surgery Technology
  • Best Practices for Handling Sleep Apnea Patients
  • The Economics of GERD Treatment
  • Technology for the Astigmatic Patient
  • Surgical Error Series: Preventing Medication Mistakes
Manager's Guide to Staff & Patient Safety

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 9/4/17; Materials: 9/8/17

Special Distribution ORX, ASA, ACS, AAOS, AORN, ASCA, ASCRS

Feature Articles

  • How We Achieve Almost Perfect Patient Warming
  • The Team Approach to Wrong-Site Surgery Prevention
  • Products to Prevent Drug Diversion
  • How to Do an MH Simulation
  • We Succeeded with Safety Scalpels
  • Let's Stamp Out Patient Falls in the OR
  • What's New in Smoke Evacuation
  • 5 Ways to Reduce Radiation Exposure in the OR
  • The High Cost of Pressure Ulcers—And How to Avoid Them
  • 10 Tips for Better Electrosurgical Safety
  • The Unseen Harm from Retained Objects
  • Technology That Prevents Slips, Trips and Back Injuries
  • Best Practices for Barrier Protection
  • How Safe Is Your Central Sterile Processing Department?
  • Better Ways to Prevent DVT

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 10/9/17; Materials: 10/13/17

Feature Articles

  • 10 Things You Don't Know About Surgical Video
  • Update on GI Technology
  • What's New in "Scarless" Surgery
  • Thinking of Buying...Non-Latex Gloves
  • What's New in Hernia Mesh
  • New Technology for Safer Drug Disposal
  • Is It Time for a New Compounding Pharmacy?
  • Reader Survey on EMRs
  • Executive Brief on Sterility Assurance
  • We Went Repless...And Love It
  • The State of the Art in Spinal Fracture Repair
  • Radiofrequency Ablation for Knee Pain
  • Are You Prepared for a Cyber-Attack?
  • Surgical Error Series: Preventing Surgical Fires
  • Should You Add OCT to Your Ophthalmic Microscope?
November Product and Service Showcase

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 10/2/17; Materials: 10/6/17


Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 11/6/17; Materials: 11/10/17

Feature Articles

  • Executive Brief on Fluid Waste Management
  • Tools for Difficult Colonoscopies
  • ASA Report: What’s New in Anesthesia
  • 10 Things You Don’t Know About Patient Warming
  • Update on 4K, 3D and Image Enhancement
  • The Science of Effective Surface Disinfection
  • Reader Survey on Endoscope Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Thinking of Buying...Surgical Tables
  • Laparoscopy Ergonomics and How to Improve Them
  • How We’re Moving to Outpatient Total Joints
  • 6 Things You Don’t Know About Drug Diversion
  • Quality of Surgery: How Will You Be Rated? Why Should You Care?
  • Update on Low-Temp Sterilization
  • Surgical Error Series: Preventing Patient Falls
  • Update on IOL Injector Systems
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