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Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 12/11/17; Materials: 12/15/17

Feature Articles

  • 2018 Salary Survey
  • How to Find a Compounding Partner You Can Trust
  • Warming: A Key to Patient Satisfaction?
  • 7 Tips for Safer Trendelenburg Positioning
  • Thinking of Buying...Rigid Sealed Containers
  • What's New in Cataract Extraction
  • We Can Prevent DVT
  • Single-Use Instruments—Could They Help You
  • 10 Ways To Avoid Cancelled Cases
  • 10 Tips for More Successful Spinal Fusions
  • What's New in Hemorrhoid Therapy
Manager's Guide to Megatrends in Surgery

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 12/4/17; Materials: 12/8/17


Feature Articles

  • Pushing the Limits of What Surgeons Can See
  • How and Why Outpatient Surgery is Taking Over
  • The Incredible Shrinking Incision
  • Can We End Cross-Contamination?
  • The Robots are Coming!
  • The New Economic Imperative of Patient Safety
  • "Patient Centered:" The New Watchword in Healthcare
  • Can We Eliminate Post-op Pain?
  • What's the Future of Pay for Performance?
  • Where Are We Going With 3D Printing?
  • The Promise of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 1/8/18; Materials: 1/12/18

Special Distribution AAOS

Feature Articles

  • New Instruments for Mini-laparoscopy
  • Optimizing Your Pain Pump Program
  • Thinking of Buying...Fluid Waste Management Technology
  • Drug Safety: How to Prepare for the New Rules
  • New Products for Upper GI Procedures
  • How to Fend off C. diff
  • How to Succeed With Outpatient Trauma
  • How Image Enhancement Works in Practice
  • How to Eliminate Duodenoscope Contamination
  • 5 Game-Changing Advances in Arthroscopy
  • How We Standardized Patient Positioning
  • Did Surgical Smoke Cause This Surgeon's Respiratory Problems?
  • 10 Tips for Total Hip Efficiency
  • The Economics of Pupillary Dilation
  • Can You Pass This Prepping Quiz?
Innovations in Surgery Supplement

Insertion Orders: 1/1/18; Materials: 1/5/18

Special Distribution AAOS/AORN/ASCRS/ASCA/APIC

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Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 2/12/18; Materials: 2/16/18

Special Distribution AORN

Feature Articles

  • What's New in Prefilled Syringes
  • Update on Pre-op Nutrition
  • Reader Survey on Post-op Pain Management
  • How We Implemented MRSA Screening
  • What's New In Bronchoscopy
  • Update on Pre-Admission Software
  • Reader Survey on Employee Safety
  • Update on MIGS Procedures
  • How to Build an MH Protocol
  • How to Prevent Violence in the Surgical Facility
  • Thinking of Buying...Video Laryngoscopes
  • Technology for the Growing Reporting Burden
  • Technology for Easier Normothermia Maintenance
Manager's Guide to New Construction

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 2/5/17; Materials: 2/9/18


Feature Articles

  • Idea Book for Your New Surgery Facility
  • How to Outfit for Outpatient Orthopedics
  • How to Outfit for Abdominal Surgery
  • How to Outfit for Outpatient Spine
  • How to Outfit for Chronic Pain
  • How to Outfit for ENT
  • How to Outfit for Ophthalmology
  • How to Outfit for GI
  • Technology for Super-Efficient ORs
  • Designing Green
  • Choosing Your Professional Advisers
  • 10 Tips for Designing Your Central Sterile Department
  • How to Get the Best Video System for the Dollar

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 3/12/18; Materials: 3/16/18

Special Distribution ASCRS, ASCA

Feature Articles

  • We're "Just Saying No" to Retained Objects
  • How Could These Wrong-Site Surgeries Have Been Prevented?
  • Create the Perfect Cataract Experience
  • New Technology in Wound Care
  • Thinking of Buying...Medication Safety Technology
  • 5 Tips on Using Patient Financing
  • New Alternatives to Phacoemulsification
  • 5 Ways to Improve Specimen Handling
  • How We Do High-BMI Patients in our ASC
  • Hernia Mesh and Patient Satisfaction: What the Research Says
  • Can We Make Smoke Evacuation the Law of the Land?
  • Update on GERD Treatments
  • How We Aced Our Accreditation Survey
Manager's Guide to Hot Technology

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 3/5/18; Materials: 3/9/18


  • What's New in MIS Robots and Robot Alternatives
  • New Developments in Anesthesia and Pain Control
  • Eying the New Combo Electrosurgery Technologies
  • Update on Single-Use Scopes, Power Tools and Instrument Sets
  • What's New in ENT Image Guidance
  • What's New in Diagnostic Endoscopy
  • What's New in Whole-Room Disinfection
  • What's New in Reprocessing
  • New Developments in Cataract Surgery
  • Could Handheld Imaging Work in Your Facility?
  • Technology for Better Total Joints Outcomes
  • Arthroscopic Joint Preservation Technology
  • How to Choose a Patient Communication Program
  • What's New in Surgical Video

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 4/9/18; Materials: 4/13/18

Feature Articles

  • What's New in Scarless Surgery
  • The Anatomy of a Compounding Lab
  • What I Saw at AAOS
  • The Financial Case for Adding Therapeutic Lasers
  • Cool New Monitor Features to Consider
  • New Options in Fluid Waste Disposal
  • How to Grow Your Spine Surgery Service
  • The Brave New World of Total Joint Reimbursement
  • Reader Survey on Outsourcing
  • Common Sense Pressure Injury Prevention
  • How to Do Outpatient Liver Resection
  • How to Optimize Your CNB Program
  • Would Vendor Bundling Offers Work for You?
  • How We Improved Our Patient Experience Scores
Manager's Guide to Infection Control

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 4/2/18; Materials: 4/6/18


Feature Articles

  • 5 Keys to Stopping the Spread of MRSA
  • New Tools to Combat Biofilm
  • How to Implement the New CDC Guidelines
  • Better Ways to Manage Loaner Instruments
  • Your Flexible Endoscopes Are Not Clean
  • How We Standardized Skin Prepping
  • The Unacceptable Cost of Preventable SSIs
  • Audit your OR Disinfection Process
  • Strategies for Preserving Normothermia
  • The Double Gloving Imperative
  • Perfecting Your Rigid Container Protocols
  • Your Options in Low-Temperature Sterilization

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 5/14/18; Materials: 5/18/18

Special Distribution APIC

Feature Articles

  • SAGES Report: What's New in MIS?
  • Q&A on Prefilled Syringes
  • Difference Makers in Infection Control
  • The Case for Laser Cataract Surgery
  • DDW Report: What's New in GI
  • Your Options in Sterile Instrument/Implant Sets
  • Do Checklists Really Work? They Do in Our Facility
  • This Strategy Cut Our Sharps Injuries in Half
  • What's New in Bone Graft Materials
  • Should You Add an OR Integration System?
  • How to Pick a Patient Survey Firm
  • What's New in Vein Surgery
  • Update on Neuromonitoring Technology
  • Non-Narcotic Alternatives for Post-op Pain
PLUS: Preview of OR Excellence Issue (for ORX sponsors registered by 5/1/18 only)
Game Changers in Surgery Supplement

Insertion Orders: 5/7/18; Materials: 5/11/18


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Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 6/11/18; Materials: 6/15/18

Feature Articles

  • What's New in Outpatient Cancer Treatment
  • ASCRS Report: What's New in Cataract Surgery
  • Opportunities in Upper Airway Surgery
  • New Technology to Prevent Retained Objects
  • How to Achieve Better Total Knee Economics
  • Opportunities in Arthroscopic Labrum Repair
  • 10 Ways to Prevent Pressure Injuries
  • How We Reduced Surgical Smoke
  • We Slashed Our SSI Rate
  • A Buyer's Guide to Big Screen Surgery
  • Is Your Decontamination Up to Speed?
  • Top Tips for Managing Medical Waste
  • Technology for Scheduling Efficiency
  • How and Why to Perform Fecal Transplants
Manager's Guide to Anesthesia

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 6/4/18; Materials: 6/8/18


Feature Articles

  • Can You Pass This Malignant Hyperthermia Quiz?
  • Peripheral Nerve Blocks: The Standard of Care?
  • Yes, You Can Get the Anesthesia Service You Want and Need
  • Pain, Consciousness and More: What's New in Monitoring Technology
  • Update on Fast-Track Surgery
  • Fine Tune Your Patient Warming Protocols
  • New Ideas for Difficult Airways
  • Update on Safe, Comfortable Vascular Access
  • 10 Ways to Achieve Better Patient Satisfaction
  • 10 Ways to Improve Inhalational Anesthesia
  • Technology for Better, Safer Medication Management

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 7/9/18; Materials: 7/13/18

Ad Study Issue

Feature Articles

  • 10 Questions to Ask Your Compounding Lab
  • How to Standardize IV Starts
  • Best Practices for Verifying Flexible Scope Cleaning
  • Thinking of Buying...Whole Room Disinfection Systems
  • We Nearly Doubled Our Patient Satisfaction Scores
  • Reader Survey on Cataract Surgery
  • Point-Counterpoint on Routine MRSA Screening
  • The Future of Surgical Video
  • Update on EMR Systems
  • Secrets of High-Volume Urology Centers
  • Alternative Therapies in Surgery — What You Need to Know
  • The Future of Robotic Hernia Repair
Manager's Guide To Orthopedic Surgery

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 7/2/18; Materials: 7/6/18


Feature Articles

  • New Ideas in Orthopedic Anesthesia
  • How and Why to Do Outpatient Total Ankles
  • What's New in Total Joint Positioning Technology
  • The Economics of Outpatient Fracture Repair
  • 5 Keys to Managing a Bundled Total Joint Program
  • Why and How to Do Total Shoulders Outpatient
  • The Case for Outpatient Total Hip Replacement
  • Achieving Better Total Knee Outcomes
  • What You Need to Know About Joint-Preservation Surgery
  • Tables and Attachments that Make Ortho Cases Easier
  • A Guide to Outpatient Total Joint Support Programs
  • Tools for Efficient Fluid Waste Disposal

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 8/13/18; Materials: 8/17/18

Special Distribution ORX

Feature Articles

  • The 10th Annual OR Excellence Awards
    • Patient Safety
    • Pain Control
    • Patient Satisfaction
    • Financial Management
    • Employee Safety
    • SSI Prevention
    • Environmental Stewardship
  • How to Do Safer Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
  • Our Large Hospital Went to Outpatient Total Joints
  • What's New In GI Visualization
  • Update on Cataract Outsourcing
  • Technology to Improve Your Spine Surgery Results
  • Image Enhancement Photo Atlas
  • Thinking of Buying...Surgical Headlights
Innovations in Surgery Supplement

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 8/6/18; Materials: 8/10/18

Special Distribution ORX/ASA/AAHKS

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Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 9/10/18; Materials: 9/14/18

Special Distribution ASA, AAHKS

Feature Articles

  • Your Options in Resposable Laparoscopic Instruments
  • Choosing an Abdominal Surgery Robot
  • Update on Cutting and Sealing
  • Biologic Mesh and Value-Based Healthcare
  • 5 Strategies for Outstanding Post-op Pain Control
  • Reader Survey on Airway Management
  • Take Advantage of the New Patient Monitoring Options
  • What to Look for in Orthopedic Power Tools
  • Point-Counterpoint on Total Hips: Anterior or Posterior Approach
  • When to Sterilize Your GI Scopes
  • How to Convert Your ORs to 4K
  • New Ideas for Preventing Endophthalmitis
  • Update on Wound Irrigation
  • What's the Future for NPO?
Manager's Guide to Staff & Patient Safety

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 9/3/18; Materials: 9/7/18


Feature Articles

  • Are You Meeting the Patient Warming Standard of Care?
  • What's New in Medication Safety Technology
  • "Must-Haves" for Your MH Cart
  • We Conquered Our Sharps Safety Problem
  • Let's Stamp Out Patient Falls
  • How We Solved Our Surgical Smoke Problem
  • Technology for Better Radiation Safety
  • How to Virtually Eliminate OR Pressure Injuries
  • Achieving No Objects Left Behind
  • Products to Keep the OR Floor Dry
  • Are You Choosing the Right Personal Protective Gear?
  • Get 100% Compliance With Your Safety Checklist
  • So You're Ready to Go Latex-Free?

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 10/8/18; Materials: 10/12/18

Feature Articles

  • What's New in Urology Scopes
  • The Future of Outpatient Bariatric Surgery
  • 5 Trends to Watch in ENT Technology
  • Are Your Touchscreen Monitors Spreading Infection?
  • Reader Survey on Prepping
  • Thinking of Buying ... Non Latex Surgical Gloves
  • The Case for 3D Video
  • Should You Add Interventional Gastroenterology
  • Update on Cataract Surgery Medications
  • New Products for Regional Anesthesia
  • Products that Make Patient Transport Safer
  • Opportunities in Superior Capsular Reconstruction
  • Alternative Approaches to PONV Prevention
  • How and Why to Run Dual Ortho Rooms

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 10/29/18; Materials: 11/2/18

Feature Articles

  • 5 Game-Changing Advances in Abdominal Surgery
  • Thinking of Buying...Patient Warming Technology
  • What I Saw at ASA
  • Pave the Way for Perfect Robotic Cases
  • A Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Superbugs
  • Update on Nasal Decolonization
  • A Guide to Going Green in Your OR
  • 5 Game-Changing Advances in Cataract Surgery
  • A Guide to OR Integration Systems
  • Is It Time for a Second Time Out?
  • Innovations in Spine Surgery Positioning
  • A 6-Step Process for Cutting Room Turnover Time in Half
  • 10 Tips for Better Perioperative Knee Management
  • 5 Strategies to Successfully Deal with Drug Shortages
The Big Book of Surgery Supplement

Insertion Orders: 11/5/18; Materials: 11/9/18


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