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Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 12/10/18; Materials: 12/14/18

Featured Articles

  • 2019 Salary Survey
  • Difference-Makers in Infection Control
  • New Treatments for Lumbar Stenosis
  • We Succeeded With Smoke Evacuation ... So Can You
  • 5 Key Advances in Arthroscopy
  • Smooth Out Your Regional Block Program
  • How the New Pupil Expansion Technology Performs in Practice
  • The Business of Joint Replacement
  • New Technology for Arm Positioning
  • How to Pre-empt Pressure Ulcers
  • Economics of Robotic Hernia Repair
  • Trends in Sinus Surgery
  • What's New in Rigid Containers
Manager's Guide to GI

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 12/3/18; Materials: 12/7/18

Special Distribution AORN, IAHCSMM, ASCA, ORX

Featured Articles

  • Get Ready for Increased Colonoscopy Demand
  • Meet the New Adenoma Detection Quality Standards
  • Products to Prevent GI Cross Contamination
  • What's New in Barrett's Diagnosis and Treatment
  • What's New in GI Electrosurgery
  • New Technology in Interventional GI
  • How to Succeed With Minimally Invasive GERD Treatment
  • Safe Sedation for GI
  • Do You Need a New Endoscope Service Company?

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 1/14/19; Materials: 1/18/19

Special Distribution AAOS

Featured Articles

  • What's New in Prefilled Syringes
  • How We Built Our Same-Day Total Joint Program
  • Preoperative Warming Works. We Proved It.
  • Let's Go Opioid-Free
  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Central Sterile Department
  • Can MIS Surgery Become Even Less Invasive?
  • 10 Pre-op Actions That Make for Better Outcomes
  • The Pit Crew Approach to Speeding Room Turnover
  • Our OR Team Went All In on Safety
  • Tips for Smoother OR Integration
  • Tools for Dealing With the Growing Reporting Burden
  • What's New in Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery
  • Choosing Covered Containers for GI Endoscopes
  • Dealing With Obesity in the OR
  • Thinking of Buying... C-arms
Innovations in Surgery Supplement

Insertion Orders: 1/7/19; Materials: 1/11/19

Special Distribution AAOS, AORN, IAHCSMM, ASCRS, ASCA

Introduce your unique product or service to our readers in this affordable supplement. Full and half page formats are available — we’ll even do the production work for you! The issue is packaged with our magazine, and your ad will also appear on our popular "Did You See This?" portal. We even distribute the issue at the large surgical shows listed above!


Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 2/11/19; Materials: 2/15/19

Special Distribution AORN

Featured Articles

  • The Economics of Nasal Decolonization
  • How to Tailor Post-op Pain Relief
  • How We Convinced Our Surgeons to Double-Glove
  • Timed-Release Drugs—A New Frontier in Surgery
  • Should the Direct Laryngoscope Be Retired?
  • 10 Ways to Deal With Drug/Fluid Shortages
  • Are You in an MH Hot Spot?
  • How to Succeed with Pre-op Nutrition
  • A Primer on Bone Graft Materials
  • Reader Survey on Mesh Repair
  • Strategies for Better Pre-Admission Info Collection
  • The Science Behind Wound Irrigation
  • Preventing Prone Positioning Injury
  • Update on TASS
  • Products for Smoother IV Starts
Manager's Guide to Surgical Construction

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 2/4/19; Materials: 2/8/19


Featured Articles

  • Ideabook for Your New Surgery Facility
  • How to Evaluate Capital Equipment
  • How to Outfit for Outpatient Orthopedics
  • How to Outfit for Abdominal Surgery
  • How to Outfit for Spine
  • How to Outfit for Ophthalmology
  • How to Outfit for ENT
  • Design a GI Endoscopy Suite for the Future
  • Out-of-the-Box Ideas for OR Design
  • 10 Tips for Designing Your SPD
  • 5 Ways to Build More Infection-free ORs

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 3/11/19; Materials: 3/15/19

Special Distribution IAHCSMM, ASCRS

Featured Articles

  • What's New in Urology Scopes
  • Update on Patient Warming Technology
  • Let There Be Lighted Instruments
  • The Science Behind Pre-op Showers
  • What's New in Medication Safety Technology
  • Products for GI Scope Care and Handling
  • Your Options in Steep Trendelenburg Stabilization
  • Thinking of Buying... Smoke Evacuators
  • Take this Radiation Safety Quiz
  • How to Use Patient Financing in High-Deductible Plans
  • 10 Tips for Preventing Retained Objects
  • Why and How to Add Endoscopic Spine Surgery
  • How to Pick an Accreditation Agency
  • 10 Ways to Make Your OR Greener
Manager's Guide to Hot Technology

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 3/4/19; Materials: 3/8/19


  • The OR of the Future
  • Update on Surgical Video
  • Technology for Better Total Joint Outcomes
  • The Future of Abdominal Surgery
  • What's New in Reprocessing
  • The Future of Anesthesia
  • Update on ENT Navigation Systems
  • Take Our Whole-Room Disinfection Quiz
  • Technology to Improve Adenoma Detection Rates
  • New Developments in Eye Surgery
  • Technology that Prevents Canceled Cases
  • Your Options in Procedure Card Software
  • Update on Joint Preservation Technology

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 4/15/19; Materials: 4/19/19

Special Distribution ASCA

Featured Articles

  • New Ideas in Pressure Injury Prevention
  • How to Choose the Right Screen Sizes for Your ORs
  • What I Saw at AAOS: New Products in Orthopedics
  • How and Why to Standardize Your Emergency Cart
  • Reader Survey: Safety Sharps Adoption Update
  • Thinking of Buying... Surgical Tables
  • Advances in Chronic Pain Treatment
  • Products to Keep Cool in the OR
  • Technology for Safer Lap Cholecystectomy
  • Technology that Helps Prevent Posterior Capsular Rupture
  • What's New in Surgical Scrub Products and Services
  • New Ideas in Orthopedic Anesthesia
Manager's Guide to Infection Control

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 4/8/19; Materials: 4/12/19


Featured Articles

  • Could You Pass This Prepping Quiz?
  • Your Options in Fluid Waste Disposal
  • Winning Strategies for Surface Disinfection
  • We Rebooted Our Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing Process
  • How to Succeed With Nasal Decolonization
  • Patient Warming Success Stories
  • ABCs of Airflow and Air Purification Products
  • What's New in Hypoallergenic Gloves
  • Technology to Safely Speed Up Reprocessing
  • Dirty Surgical Instruments: What the Data Tells Us
  • How to Install an Instrument-Tracking System
  • How to Standardize Low-Temperature Sterilization
  • Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference in Your SSI Rate

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 5/13/19; Materials: 5/17/19

Featured Articles

  • A Guide to Prefilled Syringes
  • SAGES Report: What’s New in MIS?
  • How to Trial an OR Integration System
  • 5 Trends to Watch in Post-op Pain Management
  • DDW Report: What's New in GI
  • 10 Tips for Better Patient Satisfaction Scores
  • 5 Trends to Watch in ENT Technology
  • Update on Intracameral Medications
  • 10 Ways to Cut Turnover Time
  • Better Instrument Care Saved Us $300K
  • Economics of Robotic Spine Surgery
  • Should You Add These Urologic Procedures?
  • Shopping the Latest Stretcher Tables/Chairs
Game Changers in Surgery Supplement

Insertion Orders: 5/6/19; Materials: 5/10/19


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Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 6/10/19; Materials: 6/14/19

Featured Articles

  • Survey on Surgical Video
  • Boot Camp for Your Reprocessing Department
  • Answers to 10 Challenging Prepping Questions
  • ASCRS Report: What’s New in Cataract Surgery
  • We Revolutionized Our Surface Disinfection Process
  • New Technology to Prevent Retained Objects
  • Eyeing the New (and Upgraded) Abdominal Surgery Robots
  • Smoke Evacuation: Rhode Island, One Year Later
  • How and Why to Keep Your Flexible Endoscopes Dry
  • How to Trial OR Lights
  • 10 Tips for Making a Staph Aureus Program Work
  • Gloves That Protect Your Staff
  • 5 New Procedures You Should Consider
Manager's Guide to Anesthesia

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 6/3/19; Materials: 6/7/19


Featured Articles

  • The Future for NPO and Pre-op Nutrition
  • Are You Following These Medication Safety Rules?
  • Improve Your Post-op Pain Pump Success
  • How We Fight Intraoperative Hypothermia
  • The Team Approach to Nerve Blocks
  • Technology that Helps With At-Risk Airway Patients
  • How to Organize Your MH Cart
  • What's New in Monitoring Technology
  • How to Choose New Anesthesia Machines
  • New Options in Oral Sedation
  • Yes, Our Nurses Do Moderate Sedation
  • Preventing Problems With Urinary Retention

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 7/15/19; Materials: 7/19/19

Ad Study Issue

Featured Articles

  • How Patient Warming Pays for Itself
  • Do You Need a New Automated External Defibrillator
  • We Increased Our Colonoscopy Cases
  • 2019 Reader Survey on Cataract Procedures
  • How to Buy an Image Guidance System for ENT
  • Will Your SPD Pass This 10-Point Inspection?
  • On Our Way to Zero Pressure Injuries
  • What's New in Inguinal Hernia Repair
  • Update on Pre-Admission Software
  • How to Avoid Overgowning
  • Which Patient Financing Plan is Right for You?
  • Update on OAS CAHPS
Manager's Guide To Orthopedic Surgery

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 7/8/19; Materials: 7/12/19


Featured Articles

  • Get Great Outcomes With Outpatient Knee Replacement
  • The Case for Implant Positioning Technology
  • Our Total Joint Infections are Less than 1%
  • Procedures That Stave Off Joint Replacement
  • Outpatient Trauma Economics
  • How to Trial a Fluid Management System
  • Anesthesia for Outpatient Joint Replacement
  • Issues and Answers in Tourniquet Use
  • Towards Better Arthroscopy Visualization
  • Technology for Easier, Better Orthopedic Positioning
  • What's New in Total Joint Bundling Programs

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 8/12/19; Materials: 8/16/19

Special Distribution ORX

Featured Articles

  • The 11th Annual OR Excellence Awards
    • Patient Safety
    • Pain Control
    • Patient Satisfaction
    • Financial Management
    • Employee Safety
    • SSI Prevention
    • Environmental Stewardship
  • 5 Difference Makers in Abdominal Surgery
  • Thinking of Buying... Video Monitors
  • The Anatomy of a Covered Container
  • What's New in Therapeutic Ophthalmic Lasers
  • 10 Tips for Better Instrument Care and Cleaning
  • Update on Spine Fusion Bundling
  • Products for Better Surgeon Ergonomics
  • Economics of GERD Surgery
  • What's New in Single-Use Scopes
Innovations in Surgery Supplement

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 8/5/19; Materials: 8/9/19

Special Distribution ORX/ASA/AAHKS

Introduce your unique product or service to our readers in this affordable supplement. Full and half page formats are available — we'll even do the production work for you! The issue is packaged with our magazine, and your ad will also appear on our popular "Did You See This?" portal. We even distribute the issue at the large surgical shows listed above!


Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 9/9/19; Materials: 9/13/19

Special Distribution ASA, AAHKS

Featured Articles

  • Time for a 4K Upgrade?
  • Thinking of Buying... Orthopedic Power Tools
  • Is It Time to Update the Pre-op Process?
  • Environmental Cleaning: Do It Right
  • Products for Inspecting Your Flexible Endoscopes
  • The Case for Sterile Instrument/Implant Sets
  • Yes, We Can Do Opioid-Free Anesthesia
  • 10 Tips for Handling High BMI Patients
  • Understanding Electrosurgery
  • What's New in Inventory Control Software
  • Economics of Complex Cataracts
  • How Patient Expectations Affect HCAHPS Scores
Manager's Guide to Safety

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 9/2/19; Materials: 9/6/19


Featured Articles

  • We Are Just Saying No to Retained Objects
  • We Made a Convincing Case for Smoke Evacuation
  • It's Time to Get Serious About Pressure Injuries
  • Products That Reduce Radiation Exposure
  • Expert Q&A on Surgical Site Marking
  • 10 Ways to Prevent Medication Safety Errors
  • What It Takes to Prevent Sharps Injuries
  • Is Your Staff Ready for an MH Crisis? Ours Is
  • How We Fight DVT, and Win
  • How to Prevent Employee Back Injuries
  • Sorting Through the Facts on Safe and Effective Patient Warming
  • How Safe Is Your Central Sterile Processing Department
  • Technologies that Prevent Slips and Trips

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 10/14/19; Materials: 10/18/19

Featured Articles

  • The Economics of Reprocessing
  • A Guide to Outpatient Total Joint Support Programs
  • Can We Get to Zero SSIs?
  • Reader Survey on Double-Gloving
  • New Opportunities in ENT
  • Thinking of Buying ... GI Scope Storage Cabinets
  • How We Aced Our Accreditation Survey
  • How to Incorporate Near Infrared Fluorescence
  • The Science of Hernia Mesh
  • What's New in Endophthalmitis Prevention and Treatment
  • Regional Anesthesia in the Era of ERAS
  • 5 Trends to Watch in Spine Surgery
  • What's New in Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • What's New in Kidney Stone Removal
Delivering Surgery in a Diverse Society

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 10/7/19; Materials: 10/11/19


Featured Articles

  • Why and How Our Facility Embraced Diversity
  • Understanding and Adjusting for Cultural Differences
  • Let's Stamp Out Discrimination in the Surgical Workplace
  • Dealing With Sexual Preference Differences
  • How to Handle Prejudiced Workers and Patients
  • Practical Ways to Negotiate Language Barriers
  • 10 Tips for Dealing With Autistic Patients
  • Can Your Facility Pass This Accessibility Test?
  • Why I Can't Be Me in the OR: One Manager's Story
  • A Guide to Diversity Training Resources

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 11/18/19; Materials: 11/22/19

Featured Articles

  • We Got With the Program on Smoke Evacuation
  • Survey on Patient Warming
  • Report from ASA: What's New in Anesthesia
  • How We Solved Our Instrument Reprocessing Problem
  • Best Practices for Skin Prepping
  • How to Get the Best Video System for Your New ORs
  • What's New in Abdominal Robotic Surgery
  • How to Achieve Excellence in Flexible Scope Reprocessing
  • The Science on Pre-op Nutrition
  • 5 Simple Secrets to Safer Sharps Handling
  • 10 Tips for More Efficient Eye Surgery
  • How to Score High on Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • Our Master Plan to Prepare for Total Joint Bundling
  • The Future of Chronic Pain Medicine
The 2020 Big Book of Surgery Supplement

Insertion Orders: 11/11/19; Materials: 11/15/19


Make sure your product or service is included in this compilation of the most important offerings of 2019. The 2020 Big Book of Surgery will come polybagged with the December issue and receive extra distribution at eight different surgical meetings!