Editorial Calendar

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January, 2016

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 12/14/15; Materials: 12/18/15

Feature Articles:

  • 2016 Annual Salary Survey
  • Expert Q&A on Surgical Video
  • A Guide to Enzyme Cleaners
  • A Guide to Cataract Laser Systems
  • The New Rules of Drug Compounding
  • Technology that Helps With At-Risk Airway Patients
  • Thinking of Buying...Smoke Evacuators
  • Gear to Make Your ORs More Comfy
  • We Fought Pressure Ulcers — and Won
  • Lessons Learned from the Duodenoscope Outbreak
  • How Would You Handle These Real Life Emergencies?
  • Nothing Left Behind: Prevent Retained Objects
Manager's Guide to Outpatient Total Joint Replacement

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 12/7/15; Materials: 12/11/15

Special Distribution: AORN/AAOS/ASCA/ORX/ACS/ASA

Feature Articles:

  • The Economics of Outpatient Total Joints
  • The Critical Art of Patient Selection
  • Strategies for Outstanding Post-Op Pain Control
  • High-Tech Tables That Optimize Joint Access
  • Is Robotic-Assisted Surgery for You?
  • The Case for Going Repless
  • Smart Strategies for Home Recovery
  • 7 Ways to Fight Total Joint Infections
  • Equip Your Facility for Total Joints
  • Top Tips for Achieving Fair Reimbursement
  • Primer on Knee and Hip Implants
February, 2016

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 1/11/16; Materials: 1/15/16

Special Distribution: AAOS

Feature Articles:

  • Opportunities in Outpatient Trauma
  • How Video Laryngoscopes Work in Practice
  • Reader Survey on Post-Op Pain Management
  • We Revolutionized Our Surface Disinfection Practices
  • Pharmaceuticals that Make Ophthalmic Surgery Better
  • Products that Reduce Radiation Exposure
  • A Guide to Orthopedic Power Tools
  • Thinking of Buying...A Hip Table
  • What's Changed in GERD Treatment Reimbursement
  • 10 Tips for Cloud Computing Success
  • 5 Trends to Watch in ENT Technology
  • The Future of Arthroscopy
  • What's New in Patient Safety Technology
  • How Clean are Your Instruments?
AAOS/AORN Product and Service Showcase

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 1/4/16; Materials: 1/8/16

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March, 2016

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 2/12/16; Materials: 2/16/16

Special Distribution: AORN

Feature Articles:

  • How We Converted to Double Gloving
  • What's New in Continuous Nerve Block Products
  • When Should You Use IV Anti-Inflammatories?
  • Reader Survey on Fluid Waste Management
  • A Guide to Covered Containers
  • Thinking of Buying...C-Arms
  • New Strategies for Preventing Cross-Contamination
  • Are Your Patients Dehydrated?
  • Chronic Pain Injections: The Ultrasound Alternative?
  • How the New Phaco Machines Perform in Practice
  • How to Do an MH Simulation
  • A Guide to Warming Cabinets
Manager's Guide to Abdominal Surgery

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 2/5/16; Materials: 2/9/16

Special Distribution: ASCA/ORX/ACS/ASA/AORN

Feature Articles:

  • Making the 23-Hour Colectomy Possible
  • New Technology for LESS Surgery
  • 10 Tips for Safer Trendelenburg Positioning
  • The Economics of Percutaneous Laparoscopy
  • New Options in Resposable Instruments
  • Assessing Absorbable, Self-Gripping and Hybrid Mesh Options
  • The Case for Image Enhancement in Abdominal Surgery
  • What's New in Electrosurgery Technology
  • How 3D Works in Practice
  • Port Closure Tools To Prevent Umbilical Hernia
  • New Options for Clearing Smoke, Fog and Debris
April, 2016

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 3/14/16; Materials: 3/18/16

Special Distribution: ASCRS

Feature Articles:

  • 10 Products That Help Thoroughly Disinfect Endoscopes
  • Pre-Filled, Pre-Packaged: Safer, More Convenient Surgical Meds
  • The Science Behind Pre-Op Showers
  • 5 Trends to Watch in Post-Op Pain Management
  • Test-Driving the New ENT Nav Systems
  • Reader Survey: Safety Sharp Adoption Update
  • The Hidden Dangers of Surgical Smoke
  • Thinking of Buying...Pupillary Dilation Products
  • Products for Smoother IV Starts
  • 48 Hours with an Accreditation Surveyor
  • 5 Simple Things to Do to Grow Greener
  • Update on OR Storage Systems
Manager's Guide to Hot Technology

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 3/7/16; Materials: 3/11/16 (for BOTH issues)


  • Is It Time to Invest in Ultra Hi-Def Video?
  • Understanding Your Options in Whole Room Disinfection
  • Do These Colonoscopy Upgrades Improve Polyp Detection Rates?
  • Update on Minimally-Invasive GERD Treatments
  • Cost-Justifying Laser Cataract Systems
  • Customized Total Knee Tech: Does it Enhance Outcomes?
  • Articulated Instruments: What's Their Future?
  • New Technology for Surgical Cancer Detection
  • 3D C-Arm Imaging: How Well Does It Work?
  • Update on Robotic Single Port Surgery
  • Computer-Assisted Propofol Sedation: Will It Catch On?
  • Perfusion Angiography: What's Its Role?
  • What's New in EMRs
PLUS: ASCRS/ASCA/APIC April Product and Services Showcase

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 3/7/16; Materials: 3/11/16

May, 2016

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 4/11/16; Materials: 4/15/16

Special Distribution: ASCA

Feature Articles:

  • What I Saw at AAOS
  • Reader Survey on Surgical Video
  • 5 Trends to Watch in Anesthesia
  • Thinking of Buying...A Spine Table
  • Post-Op Pain Management: Best Practices for Bunionectomy
  • New Ways to Diagnose and Treat Barrett's Esophagus
  • Update on Pre-Admissions Software
  • How to Build a Hybrid OR
  • How to Use Patient Financing in High Deductible Plans
  • What's New in Medication Safety Technology
  • Update on Cataract Outsourcing
  • What's New in Hernia Repair?
Manager's Guide to Infection Control

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 4/4/16; Materials: 4/8/16


Feature Articles:

The Focused Factory Approach to Infection Control Using Lean Principles to Standardize:

  • Skin Prepping, Including Hair Removal and Pre-Op Bathing
  • Patient Warming
  • Sterilization and Sterilization Assurance
  • Decontamination
  • Barrier Protection
  • High-Level Disinfection
  • Surgical Scrubbing and Hand Hygiene
  • Surface Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Scrub Laundering
  • Antibiotic Prophylaxis
  • Wound Care
  • Air Handling
June, 2016

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 5/9/16; Materials: 5/13/16

Feature Articles:

  • Thinking of Buying...Instrument Washers
  • Shopping the Latest Stretcher Tables and Stretcher Chairs
  • SAGES Report: What's New in MIS
  • Update on Non-Latex Surgical Gloves
  • Are Your Flexible Endoscopes Really Clean?
  • 10 Technologies for Safer Nerve Blocks
  • Reader Survey on Patient Safety
  • Operating Room Space Savers
  • 5 Trends to Watch in Infection Control
  • Understanding Bone Anchors
  • A Guide to Total Knee Systems
  • Set Up Your Facility to Treat Vein Disease
  • The Future of Sinus Surgery
  • The Ophthalmic OR of the Future
Preview of OR Excellence PLUS June "Double-Play" Product and Service Showcase*

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 5/2/16; Materials: 5/6/16

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July, 2016

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 6/6/16; Materials: 6/10/16

Feature Articles:

  • What I Saw at DDW
  • Reader Survey on Employee Safety
  • Thinking of Buying...Floor-Based Fluid Waste Management Devices
  • A Guide to Whole Room Disinfection Systems
  • The Expanding Role of Percutaneous Abdominal Surgery
  • ASCRS Report: What's New in Cataract Surgery
  • Safer Cutting and Sealing Technologies
  • New Tools for Fighting Biofilm
  • Best Practices in Immediate-Use Steam Sterilization
  • 5 Trends to Watch in Spine Surgery
  • The Compounding Disaster: What Happened
  • Could These Table Attachments Help You?
Manager's Guide to Anesthesia

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 5/30/16; Materials: 6/3/16


Feature Articles:

  • Update on Pain Pumps
  • Cost-Justifying Difficult Airway Tools
  • Patient Warming for Pain and Infection Prevention
  • Update on Drugs for Reducing Post-Op Pain
  • Technology for Safer, More Effective CNBs
  • Tools for Difficult IV Starts
  • Anesthesia Machines Your Providers Will Love
  • Understanding Your MH Treatment Options
  • Best Practices for PONV Prevention
  • Are You Getting the Most From Your Anesthesia Group?
August, 2016

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 7/11/16; Materials: 7/15/16

Ad Study Issue

Feature Articles:

  • Update on Low Temperature Sterilization
  • Technology for Smoother, Faster Colonoscopy
  • Help Your General Surgeons See Better
  • Technology to Prevent Retained Objects
  • Can You Pass This EMR Quiz?
  • Terminal Cleaning: Are You Doing it Properly?
  • Tools for Reprocessing Lumened Instruments
  • Reader Survey on Cataract Surgery
  • New Technology for Treating GERD
  • Thinking of Buying...Patient Warming Devices
  • Your New Options in Surgical Gowns
  • The Vaginal Mesh Disaster: What Happened?
Manager's Guide To Orthopedic Surgery

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 7/5/16; Materials: 7/8/16

Special Distribution: ORX/ASA/AORN/AAOS/ASCA

Feature Articles:

  • What's New in Arthroscopy Fluid Management
  • Advances in Arthroscopy Visualization
  • Positioning Technology that Improves Outcomes and Saves Money
  • Is it Time for a Power Tool Update?
  • Safer, More Economical Tourniquets
  • Should You Add Robotic-Assisted Surgery?
  • Evidence-Based Multimodal Analgesia for Ortho Procedures
  • Advances in Outpatient Trauma Care
  • Update on DVT Prevention Technology
  • How We Succeeded at Outpatient Total Joints
  • Fluid Waste Management for Arthroscopy
  • What's New in Rotator Cuff Repair
  • What's New in Unicondylar Knee Procedures
September, 2016

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 8/8/16; Materials: 8/12/16

Special Distribution: ORX/ACS

Feature Articles:

  • The 8th Annual OR Excellence Awards:
    • Patient Safety
    • Employee Safety
    • Pain Control
    • SSI Prevention
    • Patient Satisfaction
    • Environmental Stewardship
    • Financial Management
  • Cost-Justifying a Video Laryngoscope
  • 5 Trends to Watch in Abdominal Surgery Technology
  • Reader Survey on High-Level Disinfection
  • Thinking of Buying...Anesthesia Machines
  • Do You Need 4K Video?
  • Have You Considered Patient-Specific Total Joints?
  • Products for Safer Cataract Surgery
  • Light, Bright Headlights Surgeons Can't Wait to Wear
September ACS/ASA/ORX Product and Service Showcase

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 8/1/16; Materials: 8/5/16

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October, 2016

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 9/12/16; Materials: 9/16/16

Special Distribution: ASA

Feature Articles:

  • The Future of Anesthesia
  • A Better Way to Manage Total Shoulder Post-Op Pain
  • The Economics of Reposable Instruments
  • A Guide to Surface Disinfection Products
  • What's New in Therapeutic Ophthalmic Lasers
  • What's New in Sinus Surgery
  • Thinking of Buying...Surgical Lights
  • Technology to Speed Up Your Reprocessing Department
  • The New "Smart" Tourniquets—What You Need to Know
  • Understanding Video Integration
  • Reader Survey on Difficult Airways
  • Same-Day Bilateral Cataract Surgery: Is It in Your Future?
Manager's Guide to Staff & Patient Safety

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 9/5/16; Materials: 9/9/16


Feature Articles:

  • Lessons Learned from Real-Life Hypothermia Cases
  • Can You Pass This Surgical Site Marking Quiz?
  • How Could These Sharps Injuries Have Been Prevented?
  • Products That Prevent Patient Positioning Mishaps
  • How We Improved Medication Labeling and Security
  • How to Make Your OR Floor Dry, Safe and Tripless
  • Update on Radiation Safety
  • The 10 Commandments of Electrosurgery Safety
  • Achieving No Objects Left Behind
  • Is Your MH Response Up to Speed?
  • Products That Make Time-Outs Easier and Better
  • The Indisputable Case for Smoke Evacuation
  • Tools and Techniques for Safe Patient Handling
November, 2016

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 10/10/16; Materials: 10/14/16

Feature Articles:

  • 5 Trends to Watch in GI Technology
  • Let's Improve First-Stick Success
  • Reader Survey on Patient Prepping
  • Improving Your Arthroscopy Visualization
  • Secrets to Success with CNBs
  • The Future of Ophthalmic Surgery
  • How to Conduct a Glove Trial
  • The Future of Chronic Pain Management
  • Thinking of Buying...Automated Endoscope Reprocessors
  • Do You Need Vendor Credentialing?
  • Best Post-Op Pain Management Practices for Hemorrhoidectomy
  • 10 Creative Ways to Improve Hand Hygiene Compliance
  • 10 Ways to Bind Surgeons to Your Facility
  • Whole-Room Disinfection Helped Reduce Our SSI Rate
November Product and Service Showcase

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 10/3/16; Materials: 10/7/16

December, 2016

Ad Dates: Insertion Orders: 11/7/16; Materials: 11/11/16

Feature Articles:

  • ASA Report: What's New in Anesthesia
  • What's New in Employee Safety Technology
  • Thinking of Buying Video Monitors
  • How We Improved Our Instrument Cleaning Process
  • How to Handle Patients Who Want to Negotiate Price
  • The Science of Biologic Hernia Mesh
  • The Future of Spine Surgery
  • Does it Make Sense to do LASIK?
  • How Does Pre-Warming Affect Patient Satisfaction?
  • Reader Survey on EMRs
  • What Does Our ACO Future Look Like?
  • Update on Bariatric Care
  • 10 Ways to Cut OR Turnover Time
  • What's New in Arthroscopy Pumps
  • Toward a Narcotic-Free Surgical Service