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Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 12/9/19; Materials: 12/13/19

Featured Articles

  • 2020 Salary Survey
  • How We Made Smoke Evacuation a Reality
  • How We Improved Our ADR Rate
  • A Fresh Take on Improving Room Turnover
  • Expert Q&A on Surgical Video
  • How to Use ATP to Protect Patients
  • The Case for Heads-Up Cataract Surgery
  • Thinking of Buying...Mini-Cs
  • Total Hip Economics
  • 7 Ways to Improve Sharps Safety
  • Nasal Decolonization Cut Our SSIs in Half
  • What's New in Airway Management
  • 10 Ways to Prevent Pressure Injuries
Manager's Guide to Opioids

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 12/2/19; Materials: 12/6/19

Special Distribution AAOS, AORN, ASCA, ASA, ORX, AAHKS

Featured Articles

  • How Bad is the Crisis Really?
  • Understanding Pain and How Pain Meds Work
  • Your Pre-op Plan: Education, Analgesia, PT
  • How Patient Warming May Help
  • The Proven Benefits of Perioperative Multimodal Analgesia
  • Periarticular Infusions: They Work
  • The Role of IV NSAIDs
  • Using Tourniquets to Reduce Pain
  • Perioperative Cocktails: The Good, the Bad and the Effective
  • The Compelling Case for Nerve Blocks
  • Yes it's Possible to Go Opioid Free
  • How Same-Day Physical Therapy Can Reduce Opioid Use
  • Why We Must Standardize Opioid Rxs and Stop Overprescribing

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 1/13/20; Materials: 1/17/20

Special Distribution AAOS, AORN

Featured Articles

  • New Products for Better Patient Safety
  • 5 New Procedures Worth a Look
  • Choosing the Right Surgical Anchors
  • Tools for Regional Block Safety
  • A New Way to Prepare for MH Events
  • Why Switch to Disposable Cataract Instruments?
  • We Can Do Skin Prep Better
  • Reader Survey on PPE
  • Why Standardize Patient Positioning?
  • Fight Back Against Costly Case Cancellations
  • New Technologies in Cystoscopy
  • What's Ahead In Drug-Eluting Ocular Implants
  • Are You Still Compounding Meds in the OR?
  • The Time is Now for Sharps Safety
Manager's Guide to Surgical Construction

Insertion Orders: 1/6/20; Materials: 1/10/20


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Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 2/10/20; Materials: 2/14/20

Special Distribution IAHCSMM

Featured Articles

  • The Powerful Case for Prefilled Syringes
  • Just Say No to Retained Objects
  • The Promising Future of Total Ankles
  • Pass Your Own Anti-Smoke Law
  • Better Perioperative Nutrition Improved Our Outcomes
  • The New World of Colonoscopy Imaging
  • How We Aced Our Accreditation Survey
  • What's New in Post-op Pain Management
  • Can You Pass This Eye Medication Quiz?
  • Streamlining Our Trays Saved Us $50K
  • New Ways to Go Green
  • 5 Tips on Using Patient Financing
  • PRP: A New Tool for Wound-Healing?
  • Thinking of Buying...Endoscope Drying Technology
  • Pre-Warming Improved Our Outcomes
Innovations in Surgery Supplement

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 2/3/20; Materials: 2/7/20

Special Distribution AAOS, AORN, IAHCSMM, ASCA, ASCRS

Introduce your product or service in this affordable supplement. Full and half page formats are available — we do the production work for you! The issue is packaged with the magazine, distributed at surgical shows and your ad also appears in our popular “Did You See This?” portal.


Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 3/10/20; Materials: 3/14/20

Special Distribution ASCA

Featured Articles

  • Thinking of Buying...Floor-Based Fluid Management Devices
  • Ten Tips for Safer Forced Air Warming
  • We're Fighting Back Against Skin Injuries
  • New Technology for OR Safety
  • The Case for 3D C-arms
  • 5 Ways to Improve Endoscopy Efficiency
  • Improve Your Surgeon Ergonomics
  • What's New in IOLs
  • Know Where Your Instruments Are? We do!
  • Eye Med Pass-Through Payment Update
  • What's New in Electrosurgery
  • What's New in Spinal Anesthesia
  • Are These Procedures Moving to the Office?
  • Update on Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring
Manager's Guide to Hot Technology

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 3/3/20; Materials: 3/7/20


  • The Future of 3D and UHD Surgical Video
  • How Augmented Reality Is Making Surgery Better
  • The 5G Revolution: How Will It Affect Surgery
  • New Technology in Air and Surface Disinfection
  • What's New in Pressure Injury Prevention
  • Tools for Better Patient Communication
  • Update on Robotic UKA, Total Knee and Total Hip
  • Technology for Measuring and Treating Pain
  • What's New in Central Sterile Technology
  • The Robot Will See You Now: Autonomous Robotic Surgery
  • What’s New in Abdominal Surgery Robots
  • AI in the GI Center
  • 3D Printing: Where We Are, Where We're Going
  • The New Role of Machine Vision
  • New Technology for Total Joint Rehab

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 4/14/20; Materials: 4/18/20

Special Distribution ASCRS

Featured Articles

  • What I Saw at AAOS
  • What's New in Hernia Repair
  • The Compelling Case for High-Tech Cataract Surgery
  • New Drugs for Pain Management
  • Is it Time to Change Your Checklist?
  • Thinking of Buying...Big Screen Monitors
  • Is Ultrasound The New MRI?
  • New Ways to Up Your Adenoma Detection Rate
  • Prolong The Life of Your Phaco Handpieces
  • Update on Glaucoma Implants
  • Thinking of Buying...Disposable Laryngoscopes
  • What's New in PONV Prevention
  • The Future of Outpatient Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection
Manager's Guide to Infection Control

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 4/7/20; Materials: 4/11/20


Featured Articles

  • Nasal Decolonization Helped Us Cut SSIs
  • Is the Jury in on Double Gloving?
  • Pre-Warming Works. We Proved it.
  • The Case for Closed Fluid Waste Systems
  • Are You Giving Preop Showers Correctly? We Weren't.
  • What We Know About Laminar Airflow and Purification
  • Are You Doing Hand Scrubs Correctly?
  • Better Surface Disinfection Sped Up Our Room Turnover
  • Are You Really Getting Instruments Clean?
  • Should You Hire a Helping Company for Your SPD?
  • How to Reduce Foot Traffic in Your ORs
  • Should We Sterilize Flexible Endoscopes?
  • Innovative New Ideas in Autoclaving

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 5/12/20; Materials: 5/16/20

Featured Articles

  • We Cut Our Surgical Tray Errors in Half
  • Difference Makers in Infection Control
  • Survey on Surgical Video
  • New Temperature Management Rules: What You Need to Know
  • Can We Eliminate Glaucoma Drops?
  • What's New in Nerve Blocks
  • We Slashed Sharps Injuries
  • How to Prevent Wrong-Site Spine Surgery
  • 5 Keys to Achieving Better Patient Satisfaction
  • Yes We Can Have Smoke-Free ORs
  • The Case For Bilateral Total Knees
  • Technology for Reducing Colonoscopy Cancellations
  • Why Standardize Trendelenburg Positioning
  • How to Choose Bone Cement
  • What's New in Phaco Handpieces
  • What's New in Stretchers
Game Changers in Surgery Supplement

Insertion Orders: 5/5/20; Materials: 5/9/20


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Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 6/9/20; Materials: 6/13/20

Featured Articles

  • Getting Started With Outpatient Total Joints
  • The Coming Colonoscopy Boom
  • How to Prolong the Life of Your Power Tools
  • Could You Have Prevented these Retained Objects?
  • ASCRS Report: What’s New in Cataract Surgery
  • Ideas for Making Orthopedic Positioning Easier
  • We Overhauled Our Surface Disinfection Practices
  • Time-outs, Airways, Communication: Let's Make Our ORs Safer
  • What's New in Abdominal Surgery Imaging
  • Thinking of Buying…Pupillary dilation products
  • Time for a New YAG Laser?
  • 10 Ways to Make Your ORs More Profitable
  • Update on Sacroiliac Surgery
  • Update on Surgical Price Transparency
  • The Case for Outpatient Robotic Prostatectomy
  • What's New in Patient Communication Apps
Manager's Guide to Anesthesia

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 6/2/20; Materials: 6/6/20

Special Distribution ASA, ORX, AAHKS, AAOS, AORN, ASCA, ASCRS

Featured Articles

  • ASA 4: Outpatient Surgery’s Next Frontier?
  • What's New in Monitoring
  • Technology to Make Regional Anesthesia Easier
  • 5 Real-Life MH Cases: Would You Have Been Prepared?
  • Let's Prevent Inadvertent Hypothermia
  • Advanced Management of Difficult Airways
  • ERAS Works. We Proved it
  • Oral Sedation Update
  • Local Anesthesia Infusion: Does it Work?
  • Are Your Anesthesia Pros Causing SSIs?
  • Most of Our Total Joints are Opioid Free
  • Technology to Improve IV Starts
  • Should You Start a Prehab Program?

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 7/14/20; Materials: 7/18/20

Ad Study Issue

Featured Articles

  • Keep Your Patients Safe in Trendelenburg
  • Managing MH in an ASC: Are You Ready?
  • The Economics of Prefilled Syringes
  • Reader Survey on Cataract Procedures
  • Update on Post-op Hernia Pain Prevention
  • Thinking of Buying...Revenue Cycle Mgmt Services
  • How to Win with Outpatient Total Joints
  • Succeeding with Balloon Kyphoplasty
  • Who's Afraid of High BMI Patients?
  • Reader Survey on Site-Marking
  • We Standardized Our Airway Carts
  • Update on Robotic ENT Surgery
  • How New Wound Closures Work in Practice
  • Prevent Spine Surgery Pressure Injuries
  • Is Your High Level Disinfection Working?
  • How to Help Patients Afford Surgery
  • How We're Winning the Fight Against SSIs
  • We Made a Plan for Instrument Precleaning
Innovations in Surgery Supplement

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 7/7/20; Materials: 7/11/20

Special Distribution ASA, ORX, AAHKS

See March's Innovations in Surgery Supplement for a description of this issue.


Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 8/11/20; Materials: 8/15/20

Special Distribution ASA, ORX

Featured Articles

  • 12th Annual OR Excellence Awards
    • Patient Safety
    • Pain Control
    • Patient Satisfaction
    • Financial Management Stewardship
    • Employee Safety
    • SSI Prevention
    • Environmental
  • Is it Time for a New Eye Procedure Pack?
  • Update on TASS Prevention
  • How to Manage Sleep Apnea Patients
  • Update on Treatments for Barrett's Esophagus
  • We Standardized Our Endoscope Cleaning Process
  • Update on Drug Diversion Prevention
  • Update on Abdominal Surgery Robots
  • The Case for Image-Guided Sinus Surgery
Manager's Guide to Orthopedic Surgery

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 8/4/20; Materials: 8/8/20


Featured Articles

  • The Case For Outpatient Total Hips
  • What's New in Arthroscopy Visualization
  • How to Succeed With Hip Arthroscopy
  • The Case for Arthroscopic Fracture Repair
  • The Case for Robotic Assisted TKA
  • How to Right-size Plate and Screw Costs
  • The State of the Art in UKA
  • Dos and Don’ts in Fluid Waste Management
  • Joint Preservation for the Knee
  • What's New in Orthopedic Navigation Technology
  • The Advantages of Balanced Knees
  • Total Joint Bundling Works. We Proved it
  • Preventing DVT in Outpatient Total Joints
  • The Case for Outpatient Total Shoulders
  • Patient-specific Knees: How Well Do They Work?
  • New Ideas in Post-op Physical Therapy

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 9/8/20; Materials: 9/12/20

Special Distribution AAHKS

Featured Articles

  • Update on Handheld Imaging Technology
  • Better Power Tool Care Saved Us Thousands
  • Yes, You Can Achieve Normothermia for Your Patients
  • Understanding Your Nasal Decolonization Choices
  • Thinking of Buying...Spine Tables
  • ERAS Made Our Patients Happier
  • Our Rural Hospital Gives Big-City CNBs
  • The Science of Whole-Room Disinfection
  • 10 Ways to Improve Satisfaction Scores
  • Understanding the New Total Knee Implants
  • What’s New in Snoring Surgery
  • Do You Need an Ultra-Thin Endoscope?
  • How to Handle IFIS Patients
  • The Future of Surgical Video
  • 10 New Ways to Save Money in Your OR
Manager's Guide to Safety

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 9/1/20; Materials: 9/5/20


Featured Articles

  • The Case for High-Tech Sponge Detection
  • New Ideas in Pressure Injury Prevention
  • We Cut Sharps Injuries in Half
  • How We Standardized MH Readiness
  • How We Went Smoke-Free
  • Products to Prevent Slips and Trips
  • Protect Staff from Radiation Exposure
  • Let's Stamp Out Medication Errors
  • We're Battling Back Against Wrong-Site Surgery
  • How Would You Have Prevented These Falls?
  • Products for Electrosurgical Safety
  • The Safety Benefits of Image-Guided Spine Surgery
  • Tools and Techniques for Safe, Ergonomic Patient Handling

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 10/13/20; Materials: 10/17/20

Featured Articles

  • 10 Ways to Deal With Drug or Fluid Shortages
  • What You May Not Know About Surgical Video
  • The Future is Smoke-Free, and It’s Beautiful
  • Update on Intracameral Medications
  • Fine-Tune Your PONV Strategy
  • We Can Do Hypothermia Prevention Better
  • The Case for Continuous Nerve Blocks
  • Thinking of Buying...AERs
  • These Tools Helped Us Fight Spine Surgery SSIs
  • Should You Consolidate Your Total Joint Supplier?
  • What's New in BPH Treatment
  • How We Streamlined Our Robotic Surgery Program
  • What's New in Capsulorhexis
  • Your Options in Accreditation
  • The Case for an Instrument-Tracking System
Surgeon Pleasers Supplement

Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 10/6/20; Materials: 10/10/20


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Ad Dates Insertion Orders: 11/17/20; Materials: 11/21/20

Featured Articles

  • The Pit Crew Approach to Speeding Room Turnover
  • Can We Predict Malignant Hyperthermia?
  • Strategies for Better Pre-Admission Info Collection
  • Inventory Strategies for Prefilled Syringes
  • Thinking of Buying...Rigid Sealed Containers
  • The ABCs of Precleaning Instruments
  • Augmented Reality in Sinus Surgery
  • ERAS and Outpatient Total Joints
  • The Case for Capnography in Sedation
  • Update on DVT prevention
  • Game-Changing Advances in Surgical Video
  • Should You do an Enhanced Time Out?
  • What's New in Spine Robotics
  • Software for More Efficient GI Service
  • The Powerful Case for Bilateral Cataract Surgery
The 2020 Big Book of Surgery Supplement

Insertion Orders: 11/10/20; Materials: 11/14/20


Make sure your product or service is included in this compilation of the most important offerings of 2020. The 2021 Big Book of Surgery will come polybagged with the December issue and receive extra distributon at eight different surgical meetings!