Put Digital Ads To Work For You

Be top of mind with your customers every day with Outpatient Surgery's powerful digital communication tools. About 10% of surgical decisionmakers only read digital publications, so a combined print and digital campaign will cover almost 100% of the market.2 And with Outpatient Surgery's powerful digital communication tools, you can be in front of your customers every day. Our website and e-mail services are the most visited and read in the industry, with half of all surgery facility leaders accessing them at least once a month.2 In fact, Outpatient Surgery serves up almost 26 million digital interactions per year through our E-Blasts and website page views!

Banner ads on www.outpatientsurgery.net reach 47,2271 average unique browsers per month. Our banner sponsors share more than 225,000 pageviews per month.3

The eNews Power Play delivers the undivided attention of thousands of decisionmakers each day. Your message will get exclusive play on our popular Tip of the Day, This Just In, InstaPoll, Second Opinions and e-Weekly digital services. Power Play sponsors command center stage on these popular digital services. We send out about 317,0003 Power Play e-mails per week, with an open rate exceeding 10%!3 The result? A Power Play sponsor's exclusive ad will be seen by more than 30,0003 surgical decisionmakers in one week for only a little over a dime per impression!

Let us guide your custom E-Blast into about 50,0003 surgical leaders' inboxes, bypassing spam filters since the e-mails are coming from us. We even re-blast your message to everyone who didn't open it initially at no extra cost to you, resulting in an open rate of more than 13%!3 Want to be more selective? We can customize the distribution by facility type, title, specialty and geography.

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