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The toughest part of developing a new sales relationship frequently is getting past the customer’s natural defensive tendencies. The human brain is programmed to regard unknown people and propositions as threatening, no matter how harmless they may be in reality. If you can’t get past this hurdle, you might never even get a chance to be heard.

That’s where advertising comes in. It subtly and inoffensively introduces concepts and builds familiarity without turning customers off. It dissolves natural defenses and makes customers open to hearing value propositions.

Help customers see you and your salespeople as friends and not potential threats with advertising in Outpatient Surgery.

Outpatient Surgery reaches 29,0081 surgical facility leaders, decisionmakers and others each month, plus another 50,000+2 pass-along readers. They read it so frequently and thoroughly that the ads within are seen by more than 3 times the number of buyers than ads in the next-best publication.2

Over 91% of our subscribers were qualified within the past 2 years1 and 86% have purchasing responsibilities or influence in their facilities.2 Our circulation is independently audited by BPA Worldwide every year so that you can be sure your message is reaching the decisionmakers you want.

Effective advertising creates familiarity and warmth, and fosters the belief that your products or services can help the reader. It’s the first step to building a healthy, mutually beneficial sales relationship.

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  2. Publication Readership & Preferences Among: Hospital OR Managers, Ambulatory Surgery Center Administrators & Medical Directors & Managers of Office Surgery Suites; June 2015, Preston/Rogers Associates
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