Meet One-to-One
with Surgical Decision-Makers
from High-Volume Facilities

What if you could spend time meeting only with decision-makers from the busiest hospitals and surgery centers in the U.S.? And what if those OR leaders were hand-picked just for you, so that they represented an especially rich opportunity for your product or service? That's the ORX A-LIST One-to-One Summit, very possibly the most amazing surgical sales meetings you'll ever experience.

As an ORX A-List sponsor, you'll receive at least 40 meetings, scheduled over 2 mornings, with the leaders of high-volume ORs. You'll enjoy their undivided attention for 5 minutes, ample time to explain your concept, determine interest and plan next steps. Then you'll move on to the next opportunity. You'll also have plenty of time to follow up with everyone in our intimate exhibit hall. Starting a relationship with even 1 of these leaders could take months and cost thousands of dollars. Now your salespeople have a chance to start 40 relationships at one conference!